Did The Simpsons Predict the Price of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti?

With 33 years uninterrupted on the air and close to 800 episodes, The Simpsons have become a kind of modern Nostradamus with its predictions of current political and social affairs. And now through a very hard assembly work they show us how the situation could be in the face of the price (not yet relieved) of the new NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti.

NVIDIA recently revealed the new RTX 3090 Ti offering some interesting technical details about it, although data such as its TDP remained in the pipeline. Recent news made this known, although what is really important for the current market situation is the price.

Will the price of the RTX 3090 Ti spiral out of control?

One of the successes of the American series (at least in its first seasons) is with the normality and satire that they touch on many current affairs and in a way that makes them valid 20 or 30 years later. On this occasion and through a magnificent montage the canal Niktek on YouTube they have created a clip using an excerpt from season 12 of the series aired in 2000, titled The computer that killed Homer “ where Homer bought a PC to create his own web page and call himself Mr. X.

The fascinating thing about this video, which is not far from the general belief that there is about the launch of the RTX 3090 Ti and the frustrating feeling of the users, is that it is not only difficult to find a graph but the fact of not being able to pay for it . This unfortunately from Ampere is the tonic of every buyer of graphics cards where the vast majority have had to pay double (and even triple on some occasions) the recommended retail price of the graphics.

The Simpsons “have predicted” it

With the RTX 3090 Ti just around the corner and in the absence of knowing more details about it, your speculations about the price are all a reality, something that we are clear that surely will not be cheap and could cost around the € 2000. Therefore, it is very possible that the RTX 3090 Ti meme created from a video of The Simpsons is not such a meme and finally reflects the reality of the market, not being so crazy that the first units reach the aforementioned $ 5000 that is mentioned in satire.

In the absence of knowing the price and if this funny prediction is fulfilled, we have very close the official launch for the new graph. It is expected if there are no changes that will be on the market this coming January 27, a date that users can already enjoy reliable data from different reviews and we will see how the RTX 3090 Ti performs and if its price (whatever) it will be justified with respect to current market models. Recall that the new NVIDIA flagship will be designed to run games at 8K, thanks to its 24 GB of VRAM memory.

The price remains in the air as such, since today we know perfectly well that the MSRP is no longer taken into account for almost anything.

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