Did you drop the Coca-Cola on the keyboard? Tips to clean it

Especially now during the summer, it is quite common to have a drink near pc so we can stay hydrated while we work (or play). Of course, having a liquid near the PC can also be dangerous, and it is quite common for it to spill on the keyboard. So, today we are going to tell you what you should do if you have spilled a Coke (or other fizzy, sugary drink) on top of keyboardand how should you clean it to avoid damage.

Spilling any type of liquid on the keyboard is a problem, but when we talk about a Coca-Cola type soft drink it is even more so, since these types of drinks not only cause the common problems of liquids and electronics, but also that also due to the sugar (even if it is a Coca-Cola Zero) can cause other problems, such as the keys sticking. Let’s see what you should do to save your keyboard from an untimely death.

Coca-Cola on the keyboard, how to act?

Naturally, the first thing you should do as soon as the accident occurs is disconnect the keyboard from the pc, directly disconnecting the USB connector that goes to the PC. With this you will remove the current and avoid further damage, but do not relax because time is key so that the problem does not get worse. Next, you will need to get a absorbent cloth or cloth and you will have to clean most of the liquid, as much as you can… and when you have done it, we recommend that you put the keyboard upside down on top of the cloth for about 5 minutes so that the liquid that you have not managed to remove falls out.


If you have done this, a good part of the Coca-Cola will have been deposited on the inside of the keyboard caps, so now the ideal would be remove all caps, one at a time, and while the keyboard is still tilted or facing down. These caps are generally made of PBT plastic, so you can wash them in water easily and without any problem (and that is what you should do). Once this is done, wipe the entire surface and switches again with a clean, dry cloth or cloth.

Now comes the most complicated part, which is to clean the mechanisms. We recommend you disassemble the keyboard to be able to access the inner PCB, so that you can also clean the plastics under the tap (everything that is plastic can be put under the tap to clean it without problems, but make sure it is dry before reassembling) since if there are remains of Coca-Cola left, they will be sticky and can cause the keys to stick when they are pressed later.

To clean the PCB, it is best to use ear budsfirst dry and, once you have cleaned everything with these, then lightly impregnated with isopropyl alcohol to make sure there are no remains. Once everything is clean and completely dry, reassemble it and check if it works without problems and that there are no keys that are stuck (if so, you did not clean it completely well, the bad thing about Coca-Cola is which when it dries becomes a very sticky substance).

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