Did you know that Spider-Man has a sister? Teresa Parker

Dodging the villains, Peter ends up in a car driven by a girl who identifies as Teresa Parker, her little sister.

This causes confusion for Spider-Man and that of all Marvel readers, because Teresa Parker’s origin is purposely mysterious.

The true story of Spider-Man’s sister is uncertain. She is believed to be the daughter of Richard and Mary Parker, CIA agents and Peter’s parents. When they die, Peter Parker goes to live with his uncles Ben and May, while Teresa is supposedly given up for adoption.

Since then, Peter and Teresa have lived apart, until they meet in the story it tells. Family Business.

Is Teresa Parker the real sister of Spider-Man?

Both the origins and the true identity of the character have always remained ambiguous, playing with it a lot in the plots. In the graphic novel that saw her appear for the first time, at the end it is discovered that everything is a ruse Of the wicked Kingping and Mentallo, or not

Mentallo, a mutant with psionic powers, reveals that Teresa Parker is actually Teresa Durand. Everything would have been a trick to get Spider-Man to open, thanks to his DNA, a mysterious chest hidden by his father.

However, other clues, inquiries and events in the stories of this superheroine make you think that it is the lost sister. Teresa would have been born during a mission by Peter’s parents and they hid her from everyone to protect her.

Since then, he has led a parallel life of adventure that has crossed more than once with Spider-Man’s.

Unlike his brother, Teresa has no superpowers, but yes a trained spy, with combat and research skills above normal.

The Adventures of Teresa Parker

Teresa Parker was recruited to the CIA by none other than Nick Fury in person.

From there, she goes through SHIELD and tries to discover its origins, in a fight that leads her to face the Chameleon, the first supervillain to fight the wall-crawler in Amazing spider-man number 1.

This villain kidnaps Teresa’s partner and lover, David Albright, so she asks Spider-Man for help to find him. Albright will die and getting revenge for this will be Teresa’s usual motivation.

In the end, in Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy (Volume 11), Teresa will be able to know her true story thanks to the device Clairvoyant. Nevertheless, choose not to, destroy the device and embrace her identity as Teresa Parker, also seeking revenge for the death of Richard and Mary Parker.

As we can see, ambiguity and mystery are the signs of Spider-Man’s unknown sister. A spy and assassin who could hold the guy against Black Widow herself.

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