Did you know that there are financial aid for the implementation of the TicketBAI?

As we read in Donostitik, the Guip├║zcoa Provincial Council has extended the deadline for submitting aid applications to digitization, from November 30 to December 15. In addition, they have added industrial sectors that are eligible for these aids, which initially only went to commerce and hospitality. Within this aid program would be the adaptation to TicketBAI during the voluntary period.

With regard to the latter, the same sources indicate that, in order to access these aids, it is necessary to submit 15 invoices, through this system, in the 15 calendar days prior to the request date. Each SME or establishment will receive a grant of a maximum of 1000 euros.

On the other hand the new activities included in the Guipuzcoan program (Remember that each province has its rules) there are a total of 19, and they are the following: sawing and industrial preparation of wood; manufacture of semi-finished products of wood; mass production of carpentry, parquet and wooden structures for construction; manufacture of wooden containers and packaging; manufacture of various wooden objects; manufacture of cork products; manufacture of reed and cane articles, basketry, brushes, brushes …; wooden furniture industry; installations and assemblies; finishing works; retail trade of articles for home furnishings and construction; repair of electrical household items, motor vehicles and other consumer goods; Travel agencies; laundries, dry cleaners and similar services; hairdressing salons and beauty institutes; photographic services, automatic photographic machines and photocopying services; framing services; interior decorators-designers; painters, sculptors, ceramists, artisans, engravers and similar artists.

Once the applications are accepted, the beneficiaries will have the money in a period of about two weeks. The call is available on this website and the request can also be made online on the platform Here, the requests will be automatically verified as well as the fulfillment of the requirements.

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