Did you know that you can send files on Skype? But there are limitations

It is not necessary to remember the special situation that we have been living for many months due to the global pandemic suffered. Before it they were already known and used, but now the programs and platforms that allow us to communicate online with users from all over the world have grown exponentially. For years, a special place in this software sector has been occupied by Microsoft Skype.

And it is that, largely due to the need of both professionals, end users or students, the use of these virtual communication applications you grow a lot. These applications allow us to carry out a multitude of actions related to communication over the Internet. For all this, they offer us a huge number of functions and facilitate these communicative tasks. Despite the fact that Skype is one of the oldest that we can find at the moment, those from Redmond do not want to abandon it.

Little by little they are updating this platform so that it can compete face to face with other proposals, including that of the same firm, teams. In this way and thanks to Skype we have the possibility of making video calls, chatting with other users both via voice and text, or interacting in other ways. But next we want to focus on a functionality that some of you may not know. We refer to the possibility of send files directly from this program no need for other solutions.

skype interface

In fact, to benefit from all this we only have to drag the content we want share directly to the interface taskbar while we chat. Of course, we must take into account that the other user must have activated the function that allows the reception of these contents. This is something that is achieved from the advanced options of the program’s configuration window.

Limitations when sending files via Skype

What we should know is that when sharing or sending these files that we discussed through Skype, there are certain limitations. We are going to talk to you precisely about these because it is an aspect that we must take into consideration before sending files from the program. Sometimes we may think that this can be done just as we send files through other internet services or platforms. But we are wrong, so we are going to show you what these are Skype limitations.

  • File size limitations: the first thing we should know is that we have a limitation related to the size of the files to send. We will tell you that the maximum size allowed for this type of task is 300 megabytes, if we exceed it, Skype returns an error message informing us of this and will block the sending.
  • Temporary availability of shared files: We must also keep in mind that the files that we share from here will not be available forever. In fact, the duration for these files that we send to remain available to the rest of the users is only 30 days. It is worth mentioning that once this period of time has elapsed, these contents will be automatically removed from Skype servers. Also, you have to know that this refers to both voice notes, call recordings or individual files.

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