Did you know? These 5 well-known companies belong to Microsoft

If we focus on the software sector, there is no doubt that microsoft He is one of the top representatives. The giant has a huge number of programs and platforms that provide their services to millions of users around the world. In addition, the company has many other technology firms to its credit that you may not have known.

Surely many of you already know that over the years the Redmond giant has not stopped growing both internally and acquiring other external assets. Thus, the company has been getting bigger both with the launch of its own products and with the purchase of other proposals from third parties. In fact, perhaps in our day to day we make use of certain products that we do not even know belong to this company.

That is precisely why it can be considered as one of the maximum technological references of today, something that does not seem to change soon. Obviously it has also had its failures, but Microsoft has managed to overcome it in the best way. It is precisely for this reason that we are going to talk about some of the signatures that belong to this and that are also well known. A priori there are many products and platforms for which this firm is widely known. We talk about solutions such as the operating system Windowsoffice, teamsor the popular Skype, among others.

But at the same time and in order to increase the services and uses for its millions of customers, over time it has acquired some important companies.

Microsoft companies and services you might use every day

As we have mentioned below, we will mention some of these firms and platforms that you may use on a regular basis without knowing that they belong to the software giant. These are some of the most important as well as known.

  • Bethesda: First of all, we will talk about a North American video game company that could be said to be one of the top benchmarks in the sector. It was initially founded in 1986 and to its credit it has titles of the popularity of the saga doom or fallout, among many others. This is a purchase by Microsoft that took place in the past year 2020, all in order to enhance its video game section.
  • Xbox Game Studios: And if we continue in the video game sector, we cannot leave Xbox Game Studios aside. This is a division for the development of titles focused on both the firm’s popular console and its Windows operating system. Forza Motorsport, Minecraft or Age or Empires are some of the most representative and well-known titles.
  • Nuance: here we refer to one of the most recent acquisitions of the firm, it was carried out in 2021. Nuance initially focused on voice transcription and text recognition via OCR. It was founded in 1992 and in recent years has specialized in the use of artificial intelligence for voice recognition systems. Precisely because of all this, it aroused the interest of Microsoft until the purchase was made.
  • GitHub: It is very possible that many of you know in one way or another this platform focused on the open source project development. In fact, it is the best known in the sector and those from Redmond made the decision to buy it in 2018. It has more than 30 million users and does not stop growing in terms of content and use.
  • LinkedIn Corporation: this is again the widely used platforms that perhaps you did not know who belonged today. Acquired in 2016, here we have a social network focused on companies and employment. Thus we have the possibility of moving through business profiles in search of jobs.

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