Did your GIGABYTE power supply explode? Maybe you have no guarantee

A few days ago the news appeared that certain GIGABYTE power supplies were literally exploding, in particular it was the GP-P750GM model of the brand. It was not really a new problem (they were already informed), but rather that the news was in the way in which GIGABYTE was treating the problem in its after-sales service.

GIGABYTE’s response? Give only official coverage to GP-750GM power supplies that had the product numbers that went from SN20243G001301 to the SN20453G025430 then ignore models with a serial number within the same range. A GIGABYTE way of hand washing that has obviously outraged, and rightly so, customers who have seen its broken power supply.

GIGABYTE allows the return of the GP-P750GM font

Well, if we were talking about the fact that the GP-P750GM had problems exploiting, let us tell you that it is not the only one, since its 850W sister also suffers the same problem. That is, there are also models of the GP-P850GM apart that they enter inside the refund program. The malfunctions of power supplies are due to the use of poor quality materials in their manufacture, a consequence of the shortage of components that has forced many manufacturers to opt for questionable parts.

Are you going to replace all the affected ones? No, only those that have a serial number that goes from SN20343G031011 to the SN20513G022635 with both included. It should be noted that the refusal to exchange some of the broken power supplies for warranty caused a stir because of the serial number of the unit in question.

GIGABYTE Return Policy

The GIGABYTE policy change? If we wish, we can choose to have the money returned, in case we are not interested in a replacement unit. Of course, GIGABYTE has unilaterally decided that the return of the money will only be made to those who have purchased the power supply from an official distributor of the brand. So if you have bought your power supply in places like Amazon Marketplace, eBay or similar and you have the problem, you will not be able to request a refund, although you can request a replacement for a new unit.

Taking into account that in the middle of the pandemic, many people have bought their power supply from unofficial distributors or different websites as an unused product and therefore this movement of GIGABYTE is not understood first-hand. Where it is understood is in the purchase of second hand, but many people have lost contact with the original owners of the power supplies and perhaps they have not bought it from an official distributor, so they could be equally without warranty and do not enter the program with it.

If you are one of the lucky ones who do enter, in the source of this article you have the link for the processing from the GIGABYTE website, where you will only have to follow the steps indicated.

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