Didn’t you know that Windows has a secret “God Mode”?

Microsoft has designed Windows as an operating system for everyone, so most of us can use it without problems or complications. However, this system also has great (often untapped) potential, and hides many secrets. One of the most unknown, and that can be most useful to us on a day-to-day basis, is the one known as “God Mode”.

The God Mode of Windows 10 and Windows 11 is, broadly speaking, a advanced settings page where we can find a large number of settings and configurations that are difficult to access from other routes. For ages, more advanced Windows users have complained about how difficult it is to get to some options and settings. And even more so with the universalization of the Settings menu, since not all settings have yet been taken to this section, and many, such as restore points or virtual memory, are difficult to find.

Thanks to this trick, we will have most of these configurations at our fingertips, being able to access them simply by double-clicking. For this, it is necessary to activate God Mode in Windows, a task that we can achieve in seconds in a very simple way.

Enable God Mode

To enable this options panel, what we have to do is create a new folder. Nothing more. To do this, we right-click on the place where we want to enable this God Mode (for example, on the PC desktop), and right-click to select New > Folder.

When the new folder appears on the desktop, what we have to do is give it the following name:


It will automatically change the folder icon and become the Control Panel icon. Now, when we double-click on this new tool, we will instantly see a list with dozens of system configuration options. In total, 205 configurations that we can access by double clicking on them.

When we no longer want it to be on our system, we just have to delete the folder and God Mode will disappear instantly. If in the future we want to re-enable it, it will be enough to create the folder again where we want.

Although we have focused on Windows 10 and Windows 11, this trick has been present in the operating system since the Windows Vista era, so if we use any operating system after these we can use this menu without any problem. advanced settings.

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