Difference between content and continent in home insurance

Finding good home insurance is not an easy task. In addition to the necessary juggling between different insurers to see the policies with the most attractive prices, it is also necessary to check what coverage they offer and to what extent they really adjust to what they cost. It is a difficult juggling, but necessary to get it right.

The big problem with home insurance, especially for those who are faced with it first, is knowing what they protect and what they don’t, and for that there are two key concepts that appear frequently and are not fully understood: content and container. And what are the contents and the continent in home insurance? We will answer this question below

What is the difference between content and continent when you ask for insurance?

When calculating home insurance, it is vital know these two factors and understand them perfectly so that the estimates are totally accurate. Every detail influences the price of the policy, so it is absolutely advisable to have adequate training and preparation to know and master the vocabulary of insurance companies.

Clarified this, we will proceed to define each of these concepts:

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  • Continent: the continent is all that element of a property that is part of the structure of the construction. That is to say, all the ceilings, doors, walls and walls enter here. It is also worth mentioning that security devices and essential installations, such as water, electricity or sanitation, are included.
  • Contents: the content is all that element that the owner or tenant of the property has introduced after the work. This implies all the furniture, appliances, personal effects, decoration, food, clothing and everything that is not part of the vital and main structure of the home.

If you are not completely clear about this, we can add another explanation that is also useful. Imagine that you can take your whole house with your hands and turn it upside down. Anything that remains in its place is the continent. Anything that has moved is the content. Although it is not 100% true, it is the best way to exemplify the difference between both concepts in a home.

And how much does this influence home insurance policies? Well, a lot. The essential thing they must offer is the coverage of the continent in case of loss or theft. From then on, it is becoming more and more common for home insurance to offer extensive coverage of the contents in the event of any accident so that the tenant or the owner can have more peace of mind.

Of course, covering more content in home insurance implies paying more expensive fees. Different policy levels may arise to cover contents of greater or lesser value in a home. It is something to take into account when hiring your insurance, because that will determine to what extent you are protecting your entire house in the event that someone with not very good intentions enters, or if an accident or natural disaster occurs.

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