Differences of Beats Studio Buds and Nothing ear to know which one to buy

Both headphones offer a variety of options in terms of being able to purchase them in various colors. This is a point to take into account, since in this way users will be able to choose the color that they like the most or that even better matches the rest of the devices that they may have in their ecosystem. The available colors of both headsets are as follows.

  • Beats Studio Buds
  • Nothing ear 1

Without a doubt, if you are looking for headphones that do not attract attention, surely the most appropriate option is the Beats Studio Buds, especially in black and white, since the Nothing ear 1 are much more strikingnot only because of the pin they have, but also because their transparent design gives the feeling that users can see the inside of the headset with the naked eye, and that is something that attracts attention.


Something fundamental when marking the user experience with headphones is comfort. They are both of the same type, i.e. they have the famous gumbeing some in ear headphones. However, despite the fact that at first you may think that all devices of this type, the reality is that it also greatly affects the shape, or design that we were talking about before.

beats in ear

The Beats Studio Buds, being button headphones, do not feel the same inside the auditory pavilion as the Nothing ear 1, which have their pin and a different shape of distribute weight of the same. As for the gummies, they both provide three sizes, so that users can adapt them to their needs and, above all, to their ear. However, as we always say, if you have doubts about this factor, the best thing you can do is try them in a store or even buy them and then return them, since stores such as the Apple Store or Amazon have a period of very flexible return.

Sound quality

When it comes to headphones, although for a few years now noise cancellation has become very important, which we will talk about a little later, a fundamental part of the user experience is marked by the sound quality that these devices are capable of offering, and the truth is that neither of them disappoints.

From the outset you have to know that we are not dealing with the headphones that are going to provide you with the best sound fidelity, however, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your favorite songs with great sound quality. Both the Beats Studio Buds and the Nothing ear 1 treat the sound very well and offer a very balanced experience.

In addition, if you are a user of the music service of the Cupertino company, that is, of Apple Music, the Beats Studio Buds have an advantage Regarding the Nothing ear 1, the fact is that the former are compatible with the spatial audio so characteristic that this platform offers. Therefore, it is a point that you have to value positively in favor of the Beats.

Noise Cancellation

If these two headphones stand out for something, and we already give you a small spoiler, it is because of the great noise cancellation that they are able to do for a fairly cheap price. So if this was a point where you had doubts, leave them behind because both are at a great level in terms of isolation.

Nothin ear 1 black

Along with noise cancellation we also have to mention the different ways to deal with external sound. They have three modes, noise cancellation, a deactivated mode, and the “ambient mode” that we know so much about AirPods. However, in the latter they do not come close to the great experience provided by the famous Apple headphones, although they can be used to listen in a more optimal way to everything that happens around you.

Other aspects to consider

Not all the features of headphones are based on sound or noise cancellation, there are also other points that you have to assess and that can have an important weight when choosing your purchase decision in favor of the Beats Studio Buds or of The Nothing ear 1. We will tell you about them below.

Sync with Apple devices

For all users of Apple devices that have different products in their ecosystem, this is undoubtedly a point that will mark, and also significantly, the experience with their headphones. The Nothing ear 1 they have the usual timing of any headset, that is, in order to switch from listening to music on one device and on another, you will have to disconnect them from one and connect them to the other.

Beats on iPad

That changes in Beats Studio Buds in case these devices are also from the Cupertino company, since being also a product manufactured by Apple, synchronization with the entire apple ecosystem is much greater than that of the Nothing ear 1, as expected. Plus, it’s something you notice right out of the box and sync with your iPhone.

Battery and how to charge them

As both devices are wireless headphones, something to keep in mind is always the autonomy they have available and, of course, the way to charge them. The truth is that the battery is a strong point in both devices, on the part of the Beats Studio Buds you have some 4 hours of playback of audio with a single charge, while the Nothing ear 1 adds an hour more, reaching 5 hours of sound playback.

Beats Studio Buds

You also have to take into account what they can get with the different loads through their cases. The Beats enjoy up to 24 hours of music reproduction, and the Nothing ear 1 are capable of reaching the 34 hours. Obviously, this is due to the load capacity that its different cases have.

As for the way to load them, there are not many differences, since both cases have a USB-C port through which you can connect them to the current to add hours of autonomy. However, it would be much better if both had wireless charging, so that it is much easier and more comfortable to charge them on the bases that users may have to charge other devices.

Available gestures

One of the last aspects of the headphones that we want to talk to you about is the gestures, that is, the way you are going to have to interact with both devices to be able to perform actions such as pausing a song, going to the next or switching between the different ways of treating the sound around you.

beat gestures

The main difference lies in the way of doing it, since the controls are usually practically the same in all the headphones that offer the user this possibility. The Beats Studio Buds have, right in the part where the Beats logo is, with a small button that you will have to press slightly to carry out the different actions available. On the other hand, to perform those same functions in the Nothing ear 1, what you have to do is give little touches in the headphone part, as is the case with the first and second generation AirPods.


As we anticipated at the beginning of the post, both devices not only stand out for the features they make available to their users, but also for the price at which they are found, being really accessible to the vast majority of the public who are looking for high-quality headphones but Still, really cheap price.

The official prices are as follows. The Beats Studio Buds can be purchased through the Apple website for €149while the Nothing ear 1, through their own website, are for a price of €99. However, both are also available through Amazon, where they usually have a small discount with which you can save a good amount of money.

Which is better?

Whenever we carry out a comparison of this type, we finish it by telling you which is, from our point of view, the best option. The truth is that in this case it is quite difficult to opt for one or the other given the great similarities and features that these two headphones have, and we have to go to small detailsand that they are very personal preferences to place some above others.

Beats Std Buds

Looking at the price, although the difference is very slight, the Nothing ear 1 is cheaper, so it may be the ideal option. However, you will have to take two points into account, the number of Apple devices you have, and how important synchronization between all of them is for you, and also the design, since in that aspect they are quite different. For all this, our choice is the Nothing ear 1which have a bold yet elegant design, accompanied by top headphone features, but at a very low price.

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