Different headphones? So are the Trust GXT pink or camouflage

One of the things that have become more fashionable among PC peripheral manufacturers is the fact of creating variants with various motifs and lately we are seeing pink models of many famous peripherals, so Trust has wanted to join with the GXT Radius 411. In any case, the color is nothing more than an aesthetic choice that does not give better specifications in a peripheral and the same can be said of the camouflage design of the 411C.

Given that both headphones have the same technical specifications, we are going to treat them in a general way, since basically they are the same peripheral and therefore the references for both variants have to be interpreted.

Trust GXT Radius 411 Specifications

Trust GXT 411P and GXT 411C
Guy Closed circumaural
Connectivity 3.5mm minijack
Battery No
Maximum distance 1.5 meters
Frequency response 20Hz – 20 KHz
Sensitivity 108 dB
Impedance 36 Ohms
Driver size 40 mm
Microphone Omnidirectional, 100 Hz 8 KHz
Noise Cancellation No
software No
PVP € 24.99

We are faced with the classic headphones with an adjustable headband microphone, which in design and aesthetics are geared towards gaming. Regarding its dimensions, these are: 200mm high, 190mm wide and 95mm deep. His weight? 275 grams.

In each of its two headphones we have a 40mm diameter speaker to hear loud and clear what your playmates are saying or when you find yourself in the middle of a multi-person conversion. However, it must be clarified that Trust has not included any noise reduction mechanism both in the foreground and in the background, not even through software, since they do not require drivers for its operation.

Its audio capabilities are quite modest, since we are facing a system 2.0 and therefore do not contain any center channel or multichannel audio simulation. Each of the headphones has a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz with an impedance of 36 ohms and one 108 decibel sensitivity.

As for the integrated microphone, we are faced with one with dynamic type sensor and is omni-directional. its response frequency ranges from 100 Hz to 8000 Hz, which is common for a microphone, as this ensures that it does not pick up the high frequencies of sound that could distort the audio signal and make it difficult to speak between the parties in real time. The only thing we miss is the fact that the Trust GXT Radius lack echo cancellation, but it is not the only thing since the microphone is not retractable.

Trust GXT 411 Radius are compatible with all platforms

Trust GXT 411 Connections

It is precisely this simplicity that makes the Trust GXT Radius are fully multiplatform and therefore connect and go, since it makes use of the classic mini Jack in the form of three different variants, on the one hand we have the classic separate two-ring speaker and microphone connections and thirdly the unified one with three rings. All this in a one meter long cable that also includes the microphone volume and mute control. Although it lacks LED indicator lights, you will not need them either, since by the position of the switch to disconnect the voice pick-up you will know if they can hear you or not. (

The length of the cable seems less ideal if you are using a portable console such as Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck. In the event that you are using a new generation console, you have to know that both the DualSense of PS5 and the controller of both Xbox Series have a mini audio Jack that allows you to listen to the audio of the game if you connect a conventional headset through the Standard mini Jack. This means that you will not have to be glued to any of the consoles or require a very long cable.

The problem will come if you are users of a PC tower and you have it on the ground, our advice is not to leave it on the ground and place it on the table. Not only because of the fact that it is not recommended to have the tower on the ground, but because of the fact that you will avoid jerks, in any case if you cannot do it due to lack of space, Trust has added a 50 cm extender as standard so that the length of the cable reaches up to 1.5 meters.

Differences, availability and price between the 411P and the 411C

As we have commented at the beginning, both models are in terms of performance and technical specifications the same piece of hardware, but they only differ due to external aesthetics. In the case of the 411P, its aesthetic combines white and pink, while the 411C takes its motifs from camouflage.

Both versions of the Trust GXT 411 are already available for purchase and there is no price variation between both versions, which is appreciated if we take into account the mania that many companies have for making a “pink rate” where products in which they stand out said color in their design usually have a higher price even though the color does not make the performance of a peripheral and component better. Your recommended retail price? € 24.99, so despite being simple headphones they do not have an excessively high price.

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