Digital Signage: the best solutions for your company

Offices, retailers, sports venues, leisure centers… more and more companies are betting on digital signage solutions like Rise Vision as part of brand image or as a window to transmit a marketing message in a much more effective way.

The development of this sector has also accelerated thanks to new generations of LED panelswhich offer much more vivid colors without distortions and which have proven to be especially striking thanks to their own characteristics such as being able to scale the size of the panels to dimensions “impossible” in the past, or being able to adapt them to all types of spaces, whether that some types of LEDs are flexible.

Another of the great qualities that LED digital signage circuits have is the luminosity. LED is more visible outdoors compared to LCD or projection, but also because they are capable of intelligently adjusting that lighting, they are also a perfect choice for interiors, which benefit from their great contrasts and colors. well defined.

One of the companies that most advanced in the field of digital digitization betting on this type of panel is LG. The Korean multinational brings its “LED Signage” line to professionals and companies, a broad portfolio of products that, as the company itself explains, “provide immersive moments with multiple applications for businesses both outdoors and indoors.”

One of his latest releases is his new Smart LED All-in-one Seriesscreens up to 136-inch Full HD with integrated controller and speakers and that is perfect for companies that, in the new hybrid work environments, want to have modern collaboration and productivity solutions, facilitating the organization of meetings and videoconferences “in a big way” and with the highest quality. Among its advantages, which are mainly due to the high quality of the panel, the fact that it does not require control connections or module configuration stands out. After the installation process, this huge screen is controlled in a very similar way to a television, with its own remote control.

Both this new line and all the solutions that are part of the range of LG Digital Signage products are also equipped with WebOSthe same interactive content system that we find on the televisions of the Asian multinational and that facilitate access to all kinds of applications and content.

Discover the new LG Digital Signage solutions

To publicize these and other news, LG organizes on April 21, at 12 in the morninga webinar in which they will tell you all the details of the new ranges that arrive and the way in which they best adapt to the needs of your company.

If you are interested in getting to know them and you don’t want to miss out on a place, sign up now and discover a world of digital signage like you haven’t seen before. Do not miss it!

Also, if you are a distributor of this type of solutions, you can also follow this webinar in the session that will be organized on the same day (April 21) at 10. Sign up here!

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