Digital Signature, Imaweb’s proposal for the digital signature of documents

Imaweb launches Digital Signature, a solution designed for car dealers that allows the digital signature of documents for the sale and maintenance of vehicles in a secure and confidential way.

With the aim of simplifying administrative tasks, eliminating the need for presence and saving time, the provider of digital software solutions for cars and dealerships, Imaweb, has launched its proposal Digital Signature.

It is a software designed for the digital signature of contractual documents for this sector that streamlines procedures in a simple and comfortable way, and with total security and confidentiality in accordance with the eIDAS regulation of the European Union.

With this proposal, Imaweb offers dealers a solution that allows them to advance in the administrative procedures that are carried out remotely, taking advantage of the digitalization of the systems. An important competitive advantage in online buying and selling processes in which the physical presence of the buyer is not required, thus avoiding travel and saving time. In times of pandemic like the current one, a point in favor for the adoption of solutions like this one.

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In the process of digitizing dealerships, incorporating the possibility of digitally signing is a key step that allows them to advance in their competitiveness.

As Miguel Paz, Imaweb marketing director, highlights, “Digital Signature is intuitive and easy to use, both for the user and for the end customer”. Likewise, the person in charge emphasizes that it is “The safest and most confidential tool to handle all the documents of a car dealership or workshop”.

An attractive proposal for which its implementation does not require an initial financial investment in material, or special devices for the biometric signature.

The benefits of digital signature

In this way, Digital Signature streamlines the purchase of vehicles and represents an added value for those clients who want to obtain, both in person and remotely, a verified copy of the document that they have digitally signed.

Imaweb’s proposal allows the digital signature Either through email, plus an SMS message, or through a QR code generated at the dealer or workshop. In addition, it is a valid signature for the different contractual documents used in dealerships, both in PDF format, including RGPD consents, vehicle tests, VN / VO orders, contracts for replacement vehicles and repair orders, among others.

Likewise, the company emphasizes that it is a process that is carried out in a completely safe and reliable way since the application information is protected by a security certificate and complies with the regulations of Data Protection.

Another feature of Digital Signature is its ability to integrate with the company’s DMS and CRM solutions, which allows it to reach the more than 1,300 clients that Imaweb has in Spain.

In addition, this proposal joins the solution Digital Invoce, Imaweb’s digital invoice model that will now also have the incorporation of the digital signature so that the user can sign the invoice remotely, from anywhere and with any device, without having to travel to the dealer.

The savings in travel time and document processing, as well as tons of paper, will be one of the great benefits that the union of both solutions will bring.

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