Digital Transformation 2022: everything you need to know in this free eBook

“Digital Transformation 2022” is a free ebook prepared by our colleagues at MCPRO, in which technology companies such as SAP, LG, Salesforce, HPE, AWS, Brother, Sage or Microsoft tell us how they are accompanying Spanish companies to accelerate their digitization processes in order to be more competitive, improve their internal processes or increase their productivity.

In addition to the competition of the big technology companies, leading companies in their sectors such as Palladium Hotel Group, Seguros Pelayo, Cabify or IE University, tell us first-hand how they have approached digital transformation projects in the last year and how they have improved their activity from that moment.

But we do not only include success stories. In this year’s edition they share exclusive interviews with leading technology company executives, opinion forums, practical articles and, as a great novelty, the results of our “CIO Study 2022”for which they have had the participation of more than 150 CIOs and systems managers.

Digital Transformation 2022

What will you find in Digital Transformation 2022?

  • The most outstanding digital transformation cases of the year.
  • The direct testimony of CIOs and those responsible for the digitization of their companies.
  • Exclusive interviews with executives of large technology companies.
  • The results of our “CIO 2022 Study”.
  • Practical articles.
  • opinion columns.

If you are passionate about ICT and you are convinced that investing in technology improves your company, this is a book that we especially recommend. Do not miss it!

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