Digital world: how to prevent web pages from obtaining your data

Threats within the online world are the order of the day and it is time to take some measures in this regard. In the following article, alternatives that can serve you.

It is known that nowadays websites usually collect our data every time we browse them. The purpose of this task is many times to be able to analyze the traffic they have on their website, in order to take different business measures to increase sales or subscription to your product or service.

That is why in the following article we will discuss the different measures to prevent this from happening, with some definitions that can help you: what is vpn, privacy-focused browsers, and even ad blockers. Let’s start.

Measures to increase your security and privacy online

  1. Privacy-focused web browsers. This tool is increasingly popular among internet users, who recognize that the web is an increasingly regulated site where privacy and security are on the alert. These types of browsers allow us to maintain anonymity and minimize our digital footprint every time we enter a site. To start, the privacy-focused browsers an excellent tool.
  2. Ad blocker. Yet another tool used by Internet users in 2022: installing an ad blocker allows users to browse the Internet in a much more dynamic and secure way. This type of tool removes all ads, which can also be an effective way to avoid being tracked by companies through the sites and ads you see. In times of wild marketing campaigns, an ad blocker provides calm and security.
  3. Use a VPN. At this point we come to one of the great stars of the moment. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are software that encrypt all the web traffic we generate and deposit it on a remote server. VPNs today are key to avoid being recognized and that our activity can be tracked. Thus, the user’s real IP address is hidden, so our privacy remains at its peak.
  4. Tor: the browser for experts. Although we already talked about browsers focused on privacy, Tor deserves a separate mention, since it is the most effective and used by experts. It is responsible, among other functions, for routing all traffic through a series of private channels, which means that our information cannot be collected.
  5. Install a firewall. Another classic in this quest to prevent our data from being collected is the installation of a firewall. These softwares are capable of blocking any unauthorized access to your device as it manages to track and record the pages you visit to prevent any unwanted entry.

What are the dangers of websites that collect your data?

Now that we know the tools so that the sites do not record our activity, we will finish talking briefly about the dangers that this has for you and why it is convenient to avoid it.

One of today’s dangers is identity theft, as by tracking your activity they manage to unearth a lot of your private information and then impersonate you. The same is true around spam and phishing: two common dangers that are based on targeted attacks focused on your interests and behaviors on the web. Financial fraud is another form that this danger can take.

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