DigiTimes says Apple Car would be ready for production in 2024

Apple car concept

The DigiTimes news comes days after it is known that Tim Cook is considering the withdrawal of the company after 10 years as the head or visible position in it. Logically we are not saying that Cook is going to leave Apple today or next year., simply a series of news appeared on the network indicating that the CEO of Apple has in mind the withdrawal but not before launching a new product in a new category …

The Apple Car or augmented reality glasses

Of course, one of the products that was sounding the most these days was the possible launch of augmented reality glasses, but a few hours ago the medium DigiTimes indicates that the Apple Car would be ready for mass production in 2024.

This date is close to the possible dates indicated by some specialized media for the departure of the CEO and it may not be much further, but the withdrawal of the popular CEO has to come according to them accompanied by a new product, a product that can easily be this Apple Car.

Looking back, we realize that we have been talking about the Apple Car (Project Titan) for a long time and that despite this it seems even too early for its launch or mass production for the year 2024 … In any case It will be a long time before we reach the date indicated by the DigiTimes medium so there is nothing left but to wait and see the events.

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