“Digitizing makes it easier to generate new business”

Camerfirma is an eIDAS Qualified Certification Authority, created by the Spanish Chambers of Commerce that currently have a 49% stake and which is part of the Infocert group, which has the remaining 51%. The company’s mission, in its own words, is “to bring cutting-edge digital solutions to all companies, as a qualified service provider, becoming not only a product provider but also an effective provider of processes and compliance with the law for our clients”.

We have had the opportunity to interview Alfonso Carcasona, CEO of Camerfirma, to learn in depth what Camerfirma does and how it can help companies achieve a high degree of digital maturity. The full video interview is available here:

[MCPRO] What is the level of digital maturity of a company?

[Alfonso Carcasona] Digital maturity is often confused with scanning a company’s paper documents or saving them to files on your hard drive or the cloud. And it is believed that this is digitizing. No, digitizing is transferring all or at least a large part of your analog activities to the digital world. That requires a change in culture. It demands a change in the way we do things. It also requires some investment that, in the studies we do, has an ROI, a very short return on investment. The digital world allows you to be more efficient and normally the costs you bear in the medium term are much lower than the investment required to digitize your company.

In addition, it is not only necessary to think about the level of digital maturity for the efficiency and simplification of processes but also for the capacity to generate new business. The digital world opens up possibilities not only with the generation of new ideas but also in that the same thing that we are doing, doing it digitally, can allow us to increase our bottom line. For this we offer a free tool on our website that allows the entrepreneur or the self-employed person to check their degree of digital maturity and to be able to complete it with the solutions they need. All this, as I said before, to be more effective from the point of view of costs, which is what digital maturity is associated with but, more important if possible, is also to analyze how I can generate more business through that digital transformation of my company.

“‘Doing things digitally’ is confused with digital maturity”

[MCPRO] How would you classify the level of digital maturity of companies in Spain?

[AC] First I want to emphasize that “doing things in digital mode” is confused with digital maturity, which leaves out many activities that in other countries, in other markets are carried out with absolute normality and that any company or freelance that begins to do them Digital does not go back to the analog world because it sees that it is much simpler and more efficient and even this digital transformation generates new business.

We have a medium level in that we know what can be done digitally with Public Administrations, mainly paying taxes, checking notifications, etc. That is the relationship we have with the Public Administration but we are leaving out a lot of activity in relations with other companies, with other freelancers or with the citizen.

[MCPRO] Given all this, what would be the first steps for the digital identification of a company?

[AC] It is a process in which what happens in the analog world is mimicked. The first thing that is needed to digitize a business is to digitally identify your business, your company, your website, your products, your services, … The folders that all companies have with documentation are replaced by a digital signature process. We offer a free tool to sign a document but we also have the product suite that can lead to a complex Enterprise solution capable of managing environments in which many people must sign, either in parallel or consecutively, with the levels of sign with the force necessary for each situation. It also provides traceability to know what has happened at all times. All this is part of the offer we make to that businessman who wants to transform himself digitally.

[MCPRO] What is the portfolio of business solutions that Camerfirma offers?

[AC] Getting started is very simple. Any entrepreneur or self-employed person has a Chamber of Commerce or a Verification Point of the Chamber of Commerce very close to his home. You can also do it remotely by video identification, synchronous or asynchronous identification, through a document or through someone who has already validated that identity through the entities allowed by law. Based on any of these identification measures, Camerfirma can now issue its certificates that, depending on what you want to sign, will have one force or another. Obviously, if you have to sign a sale or loan contract, you have to know with an important certainty who is signing on the other side and therefore the situation requires a certificate with a very high security and strength. This is what we call a qualified certificate and Camerfirma issues this type of certificate.

We issue all kinds of certificates with the attributes that accompany the person. I, for example, am Alfonso Carcassona but I run Camerfirma. I can have a citizen certificate that accredits me as Alfonso Carcasona but, in addition, when I am going to sign on behalf of Camerfirma, I need the other party to know that I have powers to be able to sign that document. In this case, Camerfirma issues a certificate certifying that I am the CEO of the company and that I can sign documents in that capacity.

Once the certificate has been issued, I need a signing tool, which allows me to sign that document and easily share it with the other parties involved so that, in turn, they can sign it as well. Camerfirma offers a solution called GoSign that allows you to sign one or more documents at once and facilitate efficiency in this process, since it is much easier than the traditional procedure of signing papers in the analog world. Instead of tens of minutes, with Camerfirma the entire process is done in one or two minutes and with greater legal certainty if possible.

Finally, we offer a custody service with which that document, in addition to being on your hard drive and using it, we keep it in compliance with all legal technical regulations. This custody has the duration established by law according to the type of document that is being kept.

[MCPRO] What final advice would you give to a company that is concerned about its digital transformation?

[AC] In two or three years, business relationships are going to be very different. Every day we have more laws and we will not be able to understand them individually. It will be very important to be advised by specialists who dedicate themselves exclusively to it.

[MCPRO] Thank you very much for your time.

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