Dinantia merges with LiveKid and will invest two million to grow in Spain

The Barcelona education platform, Dinantia, has signed a merger agreement with the Polish LiveKid, with the aim of boosting its growth in Spain. Through this agreement, the platform will add technological power and a better offer of services for its clients. The company has already announced a plan to invest 2 million euros in the next two years, mainly in product development and distribution that allows it to improve its market penetration.

Through Dinantia, educational centers can communicate with families via app, email or web. Communication can be bidirectional, and allows families to receive notifications, answer surveys and authorizations, make payments, check their children’s attendance, etc. For their part, schools can effectively communicate with families, share files, take roll and many other features.

LiveKID is one of the most consolidated platforms in Europe for family-school communication services. currently account with a customer base of more than 2,300 schools and children and more than 300,000 user families. Adding the schools that already use the Dinantia platform, the forecast is to exceed 4,300 schools in 2023 and 5,300 in 2024.

Payments via app made by families rise to more than 100 million euros per yearwhile LiveKid’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) has already exceeded 2 million euros.

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As part of its growth plan, the new Dinantia – which will maintain the brand and the operating structure – plans to create 25 new jobs in Spain, thus exceeding one hundred employees in the whole of Europe.

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