Disappointment in macOS 12.2 after its second beta version

New year and new betas. After a period of Christmas holidays in which Apple put aside the new versions of software, they have already resumed the path of beta launches and yesterday the second version of macOS 12.2 took place. Although the truth is that this future version of Monterey, available only for developers, has been somewhat disappointed by the non-appearance of this year’s star novelty.

Without Universal Control: chapter number …

Officially we carry only a few versions of macOS Monterey on our backs, although there have been many betas and in none of them has Universal Control appeared, one of the star features of this operating system when it was presented at WWDC 2021. Basically, it consists of unify Mac and iPad controls, being able to use the same keyboard and mouse of the computer to operate the tablet.

And although it is true that in one of the first betas of the summer there were indications that it could be forced, said compatibility did not arrive. Despite not having an official version about the reasons for the delay of this novelty, it is more than foreseeable that the engineers have choked on this functionality. Apple wants to launch it right, bug-free, and fully functional 100 percent of the time, and it seems they still can’t guarantee this.

What will this macOS 12.2 include then?

Although we cannot rule out Universal Control yet because there are still a few betas left, we should look at what is already present. In this second beta for developers, no relevant news has been found (at least for the moment) that were not present in the first one. And it is not that the previous one was precisely loaded with new functions.

Its most notable changes are in the Music app, where song searches or scrolling between playlists is very fast in this version. In the same way that already ProMotion technology is integrated into Safari in the MacBook Pro 2021, which we remember have screens with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz. Beyond this, there is nothing to highlight.

macbook pro 2021

When will this version arrive officially?

As with every beta, this is usually the million dollar question among users. And, as with every beta too, we have no official answer on that. Although there is always room for intermediate versions that could come out sporadically to correct a serious problem, the period between release and release of versions tends in recent times to be 2-3 months apart.

If we take into account that the Christmas period has delayed everything, this new version of macOS would not arrive until, at least, the end of February. Although as we always say, you never know. Be that as it may, we will be awaiting future versions to analyze if there is any relevant novelty that increases the desire of the user for its arrival, since for now it aims to be one more update that, despite improving performance, does not bring changes of great significance .

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