Discord pauses the arrival of the NFT after the rejection of the community

Earlier this week, rumors began that Discord was preparing the possible arrival of the NFTs (or Non Fungible Tokens), as a payment method for your communication platform. However, it appears that Discord does not have any imminent plans to add these types of integrations, as its CEO Jason Citron has detailed.

It all started this Monday with a tweet that Citron shared in response to a message from investor Packy McCormick, which included a screenshot of an unreleased build of Discord with integrations to MetaMask and WalletConnect, two cryptocurrency wallet apps.

And is that his short and seemingly harmless message of «Probably nothing«, It was nothing more than a discreet mention to the NFT community, predicting the possible inclusion of these currently controversial digital payment methods.

However, his tweet quickly became a magnet for hundreds of these users against NFTs, as happened in the case of Epic or Steam, filling social networks with “threats” of abandoning the communication platform if the company finally added these cryptographic integrations. «I can’t wait to tell my friends that Discord is encouraging pyramid schemes is at the expense of the environment, and persuade them to cancel their Nitro subscriptions and use competitor platforms”Said one Twitter user, succinctly summing up the sentiments of many others on Discord.

A multitude of complaints that undoubtedly have not gone unnoticed, Citron having published a new clarification on the same Twitter thread, assuring that «currently have no plan to develop this concept internally«.

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