Discount of up to € 104 for the purchase of a Mac mini with an M1 processor

Mac mini

More performance and more speed.

It is true that there are not too many rumors about the possible launch of a renewed Mac mini for this end of the year, it should be noted that the current team is the model launched last November 2020 and therefore we are at that difficult point in the case of being interested in the purchase of one of these Macs.

The best thing in these cases and as we have been warning for a few days is wait until the end of the year to see if there are changes or not and then launch into the purchase of one of these Macs, in the case that you cannot wait out of necessity it is always interesting to save a few euros and in this case 2020 Apple Mac Mini with …

Mac mini are computers that have gained fame thanks to their price reduction in recent years, they are specific computers for users who already have their monitor, keyboard and other peripherals or they have little table space to buy an iMac. Logically, each user will have their reasons for purchase and we are not going to get involved in that aspect.

The price reduction of up to 104 euros is now available on the popular Amazon website. Undoubtedly, having these discounts available on totally new equipment and with the official guarantee of this trade can involve the step of buying or not. As we said at the beginning of this article, right now would not be a good time because of how close we are to seeing new Macs and although there are no rumors about changes in the Mac mini, possibly Apple will end up adding a new processor to the small Mac but it is not known when.

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