Discount when you buy your Sony A95K QD-OLED TV: special offer with AVPasión

The Sony A95K QD-OLED is called to be the TV of the year, the (probably) best Smart TV of 2022. But it will also be launched at a fairly high price: 2,999 and 3,999 euros in 55 and 65 inches respectively. Even so, if you are interested in one of these magnificent Smart TVs, don’t worry, because thanks to a collaboration with one of the most important stores in Spain, you will be able to buy it at a more than notable discount. How do you have to do it? just keep reading.

Sony A95K QD-OLED: special offer from AVPasión with discount coupons

As we were able to anticipate you in the presentation event of this (and other) televisions of the Japanese brand in Spain, we are facing a television with practically unrivaled quality. The problem is that there is so much demand for this product that stock is probably very limited, so if you are really interested in one, don’t take too long to ask us for more information.

The discount system will go with coupons that we will send you from AVPasión. Yes, it will be limited to only 10 coupons for the 55-inch Bravia A95K model and another 10 for the 65-inch model. With a single use per customer. Both the store and the final discounted price will be sent to you by private messaging to avoid leaks to other portals or forums outside AVPasión.

Therefore, you only have to request information by private message to Tocinillo, either using Telegram or even simpler: sending him a private message through our AVPasión forum. Once sent, you will receive the coupon in a short time to enter it in the store (one of the most famous and longest running stores in Spain, especially with Sony products) where you will see the final price with the discount already applied. And it will surprise you, because it is a fairly large discount. Deliveries are scheduled to take place from the week of June 13, 2022.

Sony A95KIt should be remembered that the Sony A95K is an OLED television but with a series of important improvements. For starters, it uses a Samsung-developed QD-OLED panel that dispenses with the RGB filter and backlight emission found in traditional OLED TVs. Instead, it uses an array of (blue) sub-pixels that emit their light from as close to the panel as possible, to avoid losing brightness and color.

To generate the color they use nanoparticles or also known as Quantum Dots, that when blue light falls on them, green and red are generated (blue passes directly without using nanoparticles), thus generating the three primary colors: red, green and blue. Without using white sub-pixel. This method is known as forward emission or Top Emission:

How QD-OLED technology works

So far we more or less knew this story already, right? All this translates, for the user, into many advantages: more brightness (we will expand below later), better colors in HDR (as they are not “washed” by the white sub-pixel), longer useful life -we will see why later- and much better treatment in dark scenes and with compression, as there is no white sub-pixel We will no longer have the problems derived from this in the almost black scenes.

Other important improvements are found in higher brightness (1000 nits), lower ABL, better resistance to burn-in and retention, better viewing angles, better colorimetry, less aggressive ASBL, and better serial uniformity (which, in fact, is almost perfect). ). Come on, they are practically all advantages … except the price, of course.

Additional 15% discount on professional calibration with probe

Although they are independent offers, if you use one of our coupons to purchase one of the Sony A95K, you will automatically get a 15% discount to perform a professional calibration with a probe with Javier (Tocinillo) if you are interested in this product.

It will be as simple as sending proof of the order for the television to Tocinillo, either using Telegram or again sending him a private message through our AVPasión forum. You will automatically be sent a 15% discount coupon to make the purchase of the professional calibration with probe in the SalonDigital store.

In case of making the purchase of the calibration, you will receive a package with a professionally profiled probe, a laptop and everything you need to perform it. On the day of collection they will contact you to carry it out by remote control, without complications or necessary knowledge. Yes, remember that right now there is a waiting list of more than 4 months to make an appointmentso we suggest you buy it as soon as you make the purchase of the A95K if you do not want to wait any longer.

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