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CORSAIRand its subsidiary The cat, are two brands specialized in high-performance gaming hardware components and peripherals, and it is not for nothing that many of their products are considered among the best on the market. If you want to get hold of some of their products just in time for Christmasthen you are interested in what we are going to tell you, since many of them are now on sale and you can buy them with discounts up to 50%.

You should know that all the products that we are going to talk about below will be on sale in the CORSAIR retail channel, which means that you can find them at these prices in most of the usual stores that sell products from these brands, such as They may be PcComponentes, Coolmod or GAME. Logically we are going to put some links so that you have a direct window to the products, but do not hesitate to take a look at these stores to see these and more promotions of the brand.

Elgato Video Capture Mac+PC

Are you a nostalgic who keeps your family video collection on VHS tapes or CD/DVD? Now it is very easy for you to transfer all your memories to digital format with this Elgato video capture device, which will allow you to transfer videos recorded from VCRs, DVRs, camcorders or any other device to H.264 digital format on both PC and Mac. analog video device that has an RCA connection. The only thing you will need is a USB port!

From today until the 25th, you can buy this Elgato Video Capture with a 50% discount.

CORSAIR K65 RGB Mini (Cherry MX Speed)


CORSAIR’s smallest (and most versatile) keyboard is also on sale this Christmas. It is a keyboard with USB connection and 60% format, for those who like to save space on the desk. Of course, it features independent RGB lighting per key, AXON technology for 8,000Hz polling frequency for minimal latency, and lightning-fast Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanical switches.

From today until December 31 you can find this K65 RGB Mini with Cherry MX Speed ​​at a 29% discount at the main distributors and CORSAIR stores.

Elgato Cam Link 4K HDMI

Elgato CamLink 4K

We are facing one of those devices that serve to give a new life to your old electronic devices and get the most out of it. With this small HDMI capture card, you can use your SLR or sports camera in a high-quality webcam, allowing you to even stream video at 1080p and 60 FPS or even up to 4K resolution at 30 FPS without problems. And, of course, you can also record directly to the hard drive.

Elgato Cam Link 4K HDMI will be on sale until December 25 with a 29% discount.



These are some of the most comfortable headphones on the market, and it is not for nothing that the VOID family has been on the market for more than five years. This model has a USB connection and provides 7.1 virtual sound, has RGB lighting and is certified for Discord.

From now until December 31, you will be able to buy the CORSAIR VOID RGB Elite USB in charcoal gray with a 22% discount in the brand’s usual stores.

Elgato Key Light

Elgato Key Light

If you want to stream at a professional level, you need good lighting, and for this Elgato has its Key Light, a professional studio LED lamp capable of emitting 2,800 lumens of white light evenly and without reflections, so that you can always be seen perfectly even if you are with the light off in the room. In addition, they not only have white light but you can set the color temperature from 2900 to 7000K.

Elgato Key Light will be on sale with a 20% discount from now until December 25 in the usual stores that sell brand devices, such as PcComponentes, GAME or Coolmod.

Elgato Ring Light

Elgato Ring Light

If you are a streamer who instead of looking for global illumination seeks to have a focused one, then the Elgato Ring Light is an excellent ally for you. It allows you to mount your webcam or a smartphone right in the center of the light, and has controls both on the device itself and through its application for Mac, Windows and iOS / Android mobile devices. It provides up to 2,500 lumens of maximum brightness and also has a configurable color temperature between 2900 and 7000K.

Until December 25, you will also be able to buy Elgato Ring Light with a 20% discount.

Upcoming offers, stay tuned!

Although they are not active yet, during this Christmas there will be many more offers on CORSAIR and Elgato products through which you can buy their products with very interesting discounts. We list them below:

In addition to these offers in PcComponentes, Coolmod, GAME and other stores, CORSAIR publishes the offers every week in its own online store; you can check the deals every week here:

Here is a summary of what you will be able to find in the manufacturer’s official online store:

Product Just Price % off links
CORSAIR HARPOON RGB PRO 12/19/2022 18:00 €19.99 33%
HS80 RGB USB, Carbon 12/19/2022 18:00 €89.99 31%
HS80 RGB USB, White 12/19/2022 18:00 €89.99 31%
HS55 Stereo Carbon 12/19/2022 18:00 €49.99 29%
HS55 Stereo White 12/19/2022 18:00 €49.99 29%
K70 PRO MN WL-BLK-MX Red-RGB 12/26/2022 18:00 €139.99 26%
CORSAIR MM350 PRO 12/19/2022 18:00 €29.99 25%
CORSAIR VOID RGB ELITE Wireless 12/19/2022 18:00 €89.99 25%
CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO MX RED (UK Version) 02/01/2023 18:00 €149.99 25%
K70 PRO BLK-MX SPEED-RGB 02/01/2023 18:00 €149.99 25%
CORSAIR SABER RGB PRO CHAMPION SERIES 12/26/2022 18:00 €49.99 23%
CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO 02/01/2023 18:00 €49.99 23%
CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO 02/01/2023 18:00 €99.99 23%
CORSAIR IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS 12/26/2022 18:00 €69.99 22%
Corsair HS80 RGB 12/19/2022 18:00 €134.99 twenty-one%
K60 PRO TKL-BLK-OPX Silver-RGB 02/01/2023 18:00 €119.99 twenty%
K70 TKL CS BLK-OPX SILVER-RGB 12/26/2022 18:00 €139.99 18%
Wave:3 12/18/2022 18:00 €119.99 29%
HD60X 12/18/2022 18:00 €149.99 25%
Cam Link 4K 12/25/2022 18:00 €99.99 23%
Wave Mic Arm (LP) 12/18/2022 18:00 €79.99 twenty%
Key Light 12/25/2022 18:00 €159.99 twenty%
Ring Light 12/25/2022 18:00 €159.99 twenty%
greenscreen 12/25/2022 18:00 €139.99 18%
facecam 12/18/2022 18:00 €139.99 13%

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