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MacBook with clients to replace uTorrent

Who more who less, knows what a “torrent” is and how the availability of them on the Internet has been fenced off. On macOS, the most used download client was uTorrent until it decided not to implement a 64-bit version as demanded by Apple starting with macOS Catalina. Discover 5 clients to replace uTorrent on Mac.

Let’s start from the premise that digital piracy is wrong, let it be said. Nor do I want to seem like the typical grandfather who is telling a story to his grandchildren: «When I started pirating content over the Internet, we used eMule«.

The war between good and evil has always existed. Just as ways have been sought to circumvent downloads of “conflicting” material over the Internet, ways have been sought to close the doors to the vast and limitless field.

Now with the advent of Smart TVs, streaming platforms and widespread fiber optics, the content is at hand and without complications, upon payment, of course. There will be generations, two at least, who no longer know how to find the beans, how and where to unload. But 25 years before, we were looking for life to get “delicate” material and enjoy it, only us.

At the beginning of time, files of all kinds were stored on servers by customers. And those lists of servers where you could download on demand were going around. Server administrators began to be persecuted by the authorities and ended up vetoing their use for this purpose.

The arrival of P2P

So P2P programs arrivedor Peer-to-Peer (peer to peer), software that allowed users to share files directly with each other without the need to host the files on a server. Users using P2P programs connected directly to each other, forming a decentralized network, all working as a large server.

This meant that each user could download other users’ files and, in turn, share their own files with other members of the network. Instead of relying on a single access point, uploading and downloading files were distributed among network participants, and it was not necessary to have the entire file to be able to share it.

Some of us still remember leaving a file “downloading” day and night, and even several days, since we did not enjoy the Internet speeds we have today. I remember when I was downloading “stuff” at 3 Kb/s, that being the limit of bandwidth. Yes, I have written correctly, kilobytes. So imagine how you felt when you already had the full download.

What are torrents?

Through that download protocol .torrent files, files containing metadata and the information needed to download and share over a P2P network, were devised using the BitTorrent protocol, which is a file sharing system that allows users to share fragments of a file with other users on the network.

Quickly, downloading these torrent files went viral and has remained that way for yearshighlighting uTorrent as one of the most popular clients for the macOS operating system, until it decided not to make the leap to 64 bits that was required in macOS Catalina.

And the App Store, which once allowed torrent download apps, changed its policy and currently does not allow apps of this type, because we already know that Apple is always with content creators.

Hence torrent clients The ones I am talking about below are not in the App Store, must be downloaded from the pages of their creators and install as app from unidentified developers.

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Discover 5 clients to replace uTorrent

If you are reading this article it is because you are interested in a torrent client for your Mac, either because you do not have it or because you want to see if yours can be changed to one that works better.

Discover, in this article, 5 clients to replace uTorrent or any other torrent client and that work perfectly on macOSworking at 64-bit with maximum compatibility with any macOS post-Catalina and giving you an excellent download experience.

Discover the most outstanding features, advantages and disadvantages of Folx, Vuze, FrostWire, qBittorrent and Transmission. Let’s get started!

1. Folx: The versatile download manager

Folx is a torrent client and all in one download manager It offers an intuitive interface and advanced features for an efficient download experience. In addition to downloading torrents, Folx allows you to schedule downloads, split downloads into threads, and adjust the download speed according to your preferences.

Personally, it is the one I have installed on my Macbook, its interface is simpleIt does its job like a charm and never disappoints. A prominent feature of Folx is its ability to download videos from YouTube and other popular sites with ease.

Advantages of Fox

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Integration with web browsers for fast downloads.
  • Advanced download and scheduling management.

Drawbacks of Folx

  • The free version has limitations in terms of download speed and the number of simultaneous tasks.

2. Vuze: More than a torrent client

Vuze is a versatile option for users looking for more than just a torrent client. In addition to allowing you to download torrent files, Vuze offers you a wide range of additional features. Too many I would say.

You can play media directly from the app, decode videos to different formats, and access HD content through the BitTorrent network. Vuze also has a visually appealing and customizable interface, but you can get lost in it.

Advantages of Vuze

  • Integrated media playback and video transcoding.
  • Access to a large amount of content in HD.
  • Customizable and visually attractive interface.

Drawbacks of Vuze

  • The interface can be too complicated for new and inexperienced users.

3. FrostWire: Torrent Downloads and More

FrostWire is a multifunctional torrent client that goes beyond downloading. In addition to allowing you to download torrents efficiently, FrostWire also allows you to play music and videos directly from the app.

Also, you can access shared libraries and share your own files with other users. FrostWire stands out for its focus on privacy and the absence of unwanted content.

Advantages of FrostWire

  • Download torrents, play music and videos in one application.
  • Access to shared libraries and ability to share your own files.
  • Focus on privacy and absence of unwanted content.

FrostWire Disadvantages

  • The interface can feel a bit dated and less intuitive.
  • Some advanced features are available only in the paid version.

4. qBittorrent: Power and customization

qBittorrent is a powerful and open source torrent client It offers a wide range of advanced features. With a clean and easy to navigate interface, qBittorrent allows you to perform integrated torrent searches, manage download queues and limit bandwidth according to your needs. It also offers customization options such as themes and advanced settings for more experienced users.

Advantages of qBittorrent

  • Intuitive and clean interface.
  • Integrated torrent search for faster downloading.
  • Advanced customization and configuration options.

Drawbacks qBittorrent

  • May require more complex initial setup for new users.
  • It does not have additional features, such as integrated media playback.

5. Transmission: Light and easy to use

Transmission is a lightweight and open source torrent client which has earned a great reputation in the macOS user community. With its minimal and hassle-free interface, Transmission focuses on providing a simple and efficient download experience. Right now it offers its version 4.0.3 which is very stable.

Although it doesn’t have any fancy extra features, Transmission offers the basic features needed to download and manage torrents effectively and easily.

Transmission Advantages

  • Minimalistic and easy to use interface.
  • Light and efficient resource consumption.
  • Seamless integration with our macOS system.

Transmission Disadvantages

  • It lacks advanced features, such as integrated torrent search.
  • Limited customization compared to other torrent clients.

Conclusion: Choose your ideal torrent client well

If you are looking for an alternative to uTorrent or any other macOS torrent client, we have given you several options to choose from.

Folx stands out for its versatility as a download manager, Vuze offers additional multimedia features, FrostWire combines torrent downloads and media playback, qBittorrent stands out for its power and customization, and Transmission offers a simple and easy-to-use experience.

Before making a decision, consider your needs and preferences. If you value customization and advanced features, qBittorrent and Vuze may be ideal options.

If you’re looking for simplicity and efficiency, the Transmission is an excellent choice. FrostWire and Folx are recommended options if you’re looking for a mix of torrenting and media streaming.

Explore these alternatives that we have shown you and choose the torrent client that best suits your style of downloading and use. Enjoy a smooth and efficient torrent downloading experience on your Mac!

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