Discover ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence that could steal your job

ChatGPT, the Conversational Artificial Intelligence is always more talked about. It is rumored that it will soon be able to take the place of journalists and other knowledge workers. What is it exactly?

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Artificial intelligence can do everything, and better than us. She can run a Chinese company worth billions of dollars, or smooth the road traffic, all while beating us soundly at the game of go. The latest advance in this area lies in the creation of textual content: AI could soon replace journalists and other editors. She would be able to write perfect text in seconds that a human would take hours to write.

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This is the promise of ChatGPT (for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), an artificial intelligence created by OpenAI capable of understanding conversational human language and interacting with it. For the record, note that Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, was a shareholder of this company. He just quit after learning that ChatGPT was using Twitter’s API to train its AI. The multi-billionaire says: OpenAI started as a non-profit open source organization. Neither is more true”.

Artificial Intelligence is not yet as good as humans in many areas

According to its designers, the software can answer complex questions, admit mistakes, engage in rhetorical debates or refuse to respond to requests deemed incorrect. So many attributes that are the prerogative of humans. Many testers have already used it in the field of programming, an area in which he has shown himself to be extremely effective. The field of possible applications for ChatGPT is much broader, however: it could replace website writers for creating written content. In the field of customer service, he could take the place of after-sales service personnel. Even more pointed, it could take the place of lawyers in notary offices or lawyers.

That said, this great replacement is not for now. According to all the experts, chatbots still lack critical thinking and finesse to replace the most competent human beings. Moreover, their knowledge is limited for the moment to what happened until 2021. Moreover, AI is not infallible, and robots readily admit it : they make mistakes and sometimes state untruths.

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