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To make the right choice of hosting and domain for your new professional adventure, there are a series of very important keys that you must take into account. You may think that in the end it all comes down to choosing cheap hosting to savebut the truth is that it is not that simple, and there are other things that you must assess so as not to be mistaken, and that due to their importance will end up being essential.

Think, for example, that even if you choose a cheap WordPress-based hosting, the final experience that both you and your users will enjoy It will not be really good if said hosting does not meet these five requirements:

1.-A good hosting must have its servers in Spain

This is important because having the servers located in Spain will have a positive influence on SEO and will improve the web positioning of your projectwhich means that you will have a better chance of success and that you will be able to compete on a level playing field.

On the other hand, it is important to note that this location will also influence the performance of the website, because the servers will be closer to your target audience. The greater the distance the higher the latency and the slower a web page will work, it’s that simple.

Now imagine that a user wants to visit your website, but when he enters it, it takes a long time to load and, on top of that, he suffers delays with each interaction. If this happens that user will be wanting to leave and will not want to return. That is why it is so important that our hosting has servers in Spain.

2. That your website loads fast, for which it is important that the servers use NVMe disks

The performance of your website will also be affected by the hardware that the hosting servers you have chosen have. Hard drives are characterized by having mechanical parts that have to move to perform read and write cycles, which makes them slower and have very high latencies.

At the time they became a major bottleneck, but fortunately this is history, and today we have units NVMe type SSD that have no mechanical parts, and that offer excellent performance, not only because of their high read and write speeds, but also because of their low latency. With them, your website will load and respond faster.

choose a good hosting

3. That the hosting has 24×7 technical support in Spanish

Technical support is important, as it can help us to face any kind of unforeseen that may arise in any of its stages, that is, both during the initial phase of the project, which is normally known as the conception stage, as well as in the execution and maintenance phases.

Said technical support must be in Spanish because, in the end, it will make our lives much easier. Even if we control English, it is clear that we are going to understand each other much better in our first language, and it must be offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week because you know, problems do not warn, they simply arise when you least expect it.

4. Provide you with backups

Backups are essential for keep our project duly protected, and also to maximize uptime and minimize downtime in case our website suffers some kind of serious problem. They are also the best response against attacks and malware infections.

Having a hosting that provides backup copies will allow us to respond better to any type of unforeseen eventand we will have the peace of mind that in case of suffering any type of problem we will be able to respond to it by recovering everything we need through that backup copy.

5. That includes additional services such as LiteSpeed, antimalware, free domain and SSL certificate

They are added services that in the end represent an important added value, and that are essential to successfully face our new professional adventure. LiteSpeed ​​offers important advantages in terms of speed and performanceand having an antimalware solution will give us the layer of protection we need to guarantee the security of our project.

Having a free domain represents savings, something that is always good, and the SSL certificate contributes to maintain privacy and security of interactions between users and our website, and guarantees users that the website is authentic and that it is safe to share private information through it.

These five keys should be the basis from which you should start when choosing your hosting, but keep in mind that it must also be scalable on demand and it must have an affordable price. Hostinet is a hosting service provider that meets all those keys that we have seenand also offers some very competitive prices.

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