Discover his story in this trailer!

Sony finally unveils a piece of the story of Aloy who will return next month in Horizon Forbidden West.

After talking to us about the machines and tribes of the Prohibited West in the next installment ofHorizon, Sony is back with a brand new trailer, as the game’s release approaches. Horizon Forbidden West today reveals its history, or at least a part of it. As always, the studio is keeping a lot of mystery, so it’s unclear what will motivate the game’s characters to do what they do.

However, we learn a lot more about the main quest of Aloy, our favorite red-haired heroine. As expected, Hades, the machine responsible for the near end of the world in Horizon Zero Dawn, is not quite dead and continues to act up, wanting at all costs to eliminate what is left of humanity. If we don’t see her specifically in this trailer, we do see Sylens, who seems to be helping the Regalla tribe to eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

The recipe for success

It is therefore against them that Aloy will have to go to war, in order to protect the rest of the tribes of the Prohibited West. They are starving, partly because of contamination of the farmland but also because of the infected machines which turn against humans instead of helping them. They are also plagued by the endless wars that break out between the Regalla and their enemy tribes.

To achieve her goals, Aloy will have to use new exploration methods, which we have already seen at work in some gameplay trailers, but will also have to tame new machines and wield new weapons from the Old World. So it’s still a title filled with action, exploration and narrative power that Sony is preparing for us with this second opus. For the dose of mystery, at the very end, we can see an almost ghostly character, which we do not recognize from sight for the moment. Friend or foe, only time will tell.

Old friends to the rescue

In a gameplay sequence shared during a State of Play, we could see Aloy rescue her friend Erend from the Regalla group, the main enemy of this sequel. We see him again in this trailer, accompanied by Varl, also well known to Horizon Zero Dawn players. These two fighters will therefore be of great help in Aloy’s quest for the truth. Will she be able to save humanity a second time?

Responnse next February 18, when the game will be released on PS4 and PS5 simultaneously. You can already pre-order the title via the PlayStation Store or the site of resellers like Amazon.

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