Discover how the Instagram restricted accounts option works

For some time now, social networks are committed to including more and more functions that offer the user greater control of the privacy of your account. One of the objectives they pursue is to reduce online harassment . In the case of Instagram, the social network has a function specifically designed to protect us from unwanted interactions without the need to block or stop following users determined. Here is everything you need to know about this function.

What is the restricted accounts option?

One of the security layers offered by this function is the possibility of reviewing the comments we receive before they appear in our publications. From This way, only you and the person you have restricted will be able to see their comments on your posts, but they will not be visible to other users . In case we want to approve individual comments of the restricted account, it is possible to do it with a single tap so that they are visible to all.

On the other hand, the function of Restricted accounts also affects the platform chat. Specifically, the feature we are talking about is responsible for moving the chats of restricted users to the message request section. This means that the person we have restricted will not be able to know that we are online or that we have read their messages.

How can I activate this function?

The process to follow to activate the restricted accounts option is quite simple, although the option is somewhat hidden in the app settings. First of all, it is necessary to access your user profile and press the icon corresponding to the configuration menu (represented by three horizontal lines). Next, you will have to enter Settings – Privacy – Restricted accounts . Finally, it will only be necessary to select the accounts that we want to restrict. The process to follow is the same on both iOS and Android.

What should I keep in mind?

The first thing to keep in mind is that adding a user to the Restricted Accounts section does not prevent this person from interacting with you . Those users you have blocked will be able to continue accessing your profile normally, see your publications and stories and even send you comments and direct messages.

The purpose of this function is protect us from unwanted interactions without reaching the point of completely blocking a user or unfollowing him. To do this, the function we have discussed offers us the necessary tools to control the interactions made by restricted users. In this way, at all times we will be aware of the messages they send us , but we can decide if we want them to appear on our profile or not.

At this point, it is important to keep in mind that the people we include in this section will not receive any kind of notice about the restriction , so at no time will they know that we have restricted their interactions. Of course, at any time we can remove the restriction applied by accessing the list of restricted users and clicking the Cancel restriction button in the corresponding account.

A very useful option to reduce harassment

Undoubtedly, we are facing a really useful option to reduce the chance on the network. Sometimes it is difficult to directly block a user , especially if it is someone we know in person and with whom we have close contact. This is where the potential of the restricted account feature comes in.

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