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Sustainability: This is the term that will be on everyone’s lips in 2023. And it is that from an international context that has led to an increase in energy prices and the pressure that different governments are applying in terms of environmental regulation, We are verifying how being sustainable is no longer a statement that “looks good” in the CSR memory of companies, but has become a a real need.

Short term, Companies that can boast of being sustainable not only get a better image in society, but they can have more facilities when it comes to attracting customers and employees. In the medium term, adopting sustainable practices helps reduce energy consumption or the use of materials, thus impacting your costs. On the other hand, sustainable companies tend to be more innovative as well, since they have to Find new ways to improve your processes and develop their products, are more resilient and easily adapt to change.

And although it is true that a company does not become sustainable overnight, what it can do from now on is take its first steps, understanding, for example, how it can reduce its environmental impact. Here, as we will see below, technology plays and will continue to play a fundamental role. Find out with us!

How VMware helps you reduce your environmental impact

The next January 25 we celebrate our live webinar “How Vmware helps you reduce your environmental impact” and in which you will discover from the best VMware experts, why technological sustainability is important, what initiatives and strategies the company is implementing to reduce its impact environment and how you can use its technology to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. In this webinar you will discover:

  • What is technological sustainability and why is it important for companies.
  • What practices favor technological sustainability and what are the main challenges that companies have to overcome.
  • How VMware has become a champion of sustainability: Zero Carbon commitment.
  • How VMware technology can help you make your business more sustainable.

In short, if you are interested in learning how your company can make a difference in the world of technological sustainability, we present you with a unique opportunity that you should not miss. Do not think about it!

Practical information

  • What: webinar “How VMware helps you reduce your environmental impact”
  • Day: January 25, 2023
  • Schedule: 10:00 – 11:00
  • Registry: you can register for free here.

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