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The COVID-19 pandemic It has completely changed our way of working and socializing, and it has left us in a new normal in which many “inherited” challenges are still present, which have yet to be overcome. Fortunately, the recovery has been a reality on many fronts, and according to data from the report of the Spanish Entrepreneurship Observatory and ENISA (National Innovation Company) recent entrepreneurial activity has been one of them, since has grown to reach a rate of 5.5% over the total population. This percentage is similar to the one that existed before the outbreak of the health crisis, and it is very positive data if we compare it with the rise of 2.2% in the business abandonment rate.

In this context, we can highlight the creation of micro-businesses and small businesses, two figures that continue to play an important role in our society and in our economy, and that have to face important challenges to be more and more competitive. Managing available resources, attracting and retaining talent, maximizing profits, and optimizing and reducing workloads are just some of them, and it is that seemingly simple things like managing a fleet of computer equipment or a set of printers can become a significant burden for small businesses.

This has an explanation, and it is that in the end, the micro and small business usually does not have time to dedicate to solving technical problems, and they also can’t afford to hire someone to do IT, which means that any problem in the technological field can become a real headache. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why these types of companies seek technological solutions that are not only easy to implement, but also easy to use and maintain.

HP is aware of how important printing is for most micro and small businesses, and also of all the problems that are usually associated with this issue. A reality to which the American giant responds with HP+ for small businessa solution that has been designed to completely relieve these businesses of all the burden of installing, configuring, using and maintaining one or more printers.

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The printer will no longer be a burden, thanks to HP +

Before going in to see what HP+ offers and how it makes a difference it is important analyze all the load it representsfor any micro or small business, to have and use a printer, covering from the moment of purchase to its use and subsequent maintenance.

When we buy a printer we have to carry out an installation and configuration process. This can take quite a while, and it is fundamental because the correct functioning of it will depend on it. If we do not install and configure it properly, the printer may not work, or it may give us errors at the worst moment, and this can frustrate us a lot.

Once we have completed the installation and configuration process we will have to keep track of many aspects, which implies that we will have to dedicate even more time to it. These are the most important:

  • Security and printer status.
  • Control of the use of the printer to assess printing costs and have information that allows us to establish savings policies.
  • Monitor toner cartridge levels and replenish stock units to avoid running out of ink at the worst possible time.
  • Compare prices between suppliers to find units at a good price and reduce costs.
  • Find a way to recycle used toner cartridges to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.
  • Solve the technical problems that arise, and also the security ones. For example, if the printer loses its connection to the Internet, we will have to find the fault and solve it.

All that list of tasks associated with something as seemingly simple as the use and maintenance of a printer can be overwhelming. Think of the effort and time that compliance with all these points can take for a micro or small business, and in the end we all know that Time is a very limited and very valuable resource.

With the intelligent HP+ solution any micro or small business you can forget about all that workload associated with the printer forever. This service facilitates and simplifies both the installation and configuration process of the device, as well as its subsequent use and maintenance, and it does so at all levels, including the recycling of consumables.

HP+ simplifies your printing environment and makes your life easier

  • The installation and configuration of the printer is very easy thanks to the self-guided process based on the cloud, which will allow us to configure new printers remotely in a very simple way.
  • With intelligent cloud-powered connectivity, HP+-enabled printers can automatically identify and detect problems that may affect its proper functioning, and resolve them without the need for human intervention. Thanks to this, the printer will always be ready to be used when we need it.
  • We can work and print from our smartphone or tablet, and from anywhere, thanks to the HP Smart application, which is totally free and has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Centralized and effortless management from the HP+ Smart Admin panel, specially designed for micro and small businesses. It is intuitive, easy to use and allows us to control all the keys of the printer and supplies with a few simple clicks.
  • Smart and advanced security features, with monitoring HP Wolf Pro Security who works 24/7. It comes built-in and preconfigured, and includes instant alerts from Smart Security, which will alert us instantly to potential security risks.
  • It helps us to keep prints private and to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, thanks to its print queue release system, only when we are in front of the printer, to collect the documents.
  • Functions of remote security with automated monitoring for multiple HP printers and locations, and easy integration and configuration of new devices remotely.
  • Dedicated technical support and two-year extended warranty of duration.

With HP+ you can also save and take care of the planet effortlessly

By signing up for HP+ we can enjoy all the advantages of HP Instant Ink, a replenishment service that will automatically detect toner levels and order new cartridges when needed. We will receive the new cartridges at the door of our company, without shipping costsand we will not have to worry about anything.

with this service we will be able to centralize the cost of toner in a single monthly payment, stable, economical and without surprises. Each plan includes a certain number of pages that we can print as we want in a month, and if we don’t spend them all, they will accumulate for the next. In case the printing needs of your company change, no problem, you can change your plan whenever you want, and as many times as you want.

Another benefit is that we will reduce spending on toner up to 50% compared to the traditional purchase. We’ll never run out of toner again, and we won’t have to waste time checking consumable levels, looking for suppliers that offer good prices, or establishing complicated control and printing control policies.

Finally, with the subscription to HP Instant Ink is included a program of free recycling that will allow us to give a second life, without effort, to all the toner cartridges that we spend. We will also be contributing to the care of the planet from the beginning, since all the cartridges that we will receive will be made with a part of recycled plastics.

With HP+ and HP Instant Ink service we won’t have to worry about anything. Our printer will always be ready and protected, we will have all the original HP toner we need to print like true professionals, we will be able to save up to 50% and we will be printing in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment.

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