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Of all the software that is part of our computer, an office suite is a common element in most cases. Also, if it’s free, as is the case with the open source LibreOffice project, all the better.

In this specific case, we are referring to an office suite that could be considered as the main competitor of the popular Microsoft Office. Among the main advantages that we find in this case, say that it is a free Open Source project. In addition, to all this we can add that its top managers do not stop launching new updates for LibreOffice. Much of these efforts are focused on improving compatibility today with the files of the aforementioned Microsoft Office.

With all this, what is intended is to improve the product through new functions, as is the case at hand at the moment. And we are going to talk about the arrival of the new LibreOffice 7.5.4 which has just been launched and is already at our disposal. Likewise, with these updates The Document Foundation also sets itself the objective of solving problems related to the security and reliability of the programs.

A clear example of all this is that the new version that has now been released corrects more than 80 recently detected errors. It must be taken into account that in this suite we find independent programs such as a text editor, a spreadsheet programanother for multimedia presentations, and more.

libreoffice update

It’s now been about a month since version 7.5.3 of the suite was released, and we’ve got this fourth maintenance update to fix more bugs and bugs. LibreOffice 7.5.4 comes to fix a total of 83 errors that have been reported by users or discovered by the developers of the productivity suite.

Fixes and download of LibreOffice 7.5.4

Hence the developers of this popular open source suite recommend updating as soon as possible. All this in order to improve the stability, reliability and security of the programs that make it up. Before giving way to some of the most important corrections and news, it must be said that you can obtain the new version of LibreOffice directly from its official website

To begin with, LibreOffice 7.5 arrived at the beginning of February of this year 2023 as a major update integrating numerous new features. Here he highlighted the support for the modark c, the new icons for the applications, or an improved user interface, among other things. Among the most important errors that are corrected in this new version, LibreOffice 7.5.4, we are going to highlight a few:

  • Saving an XLSX file no longer removes the text box linked to other tabs.
  • They solve the lack colored frames when creating form in Calc.
  • Fixed the error that blocked the programs when resizing images.
  • Calc no longer crashes when there is no data in the sheets.
  • Macros to work with tables no longer block Writer editor.
  • Fixed errors with margins when exporting files in PDF format.
  • You can already see the cursors when working with tables.
  • No errors found when exporting data to xhtml file.

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