Discover MX Linux, the alternative of your dreams to Windows 11

In fact, in recent years we have been able to see how the developers of some of the most popular Linux distributions try to attract customers at all costs. For this they offer us really interesting projects that can compete face to face with the aforementioned Microsoft Windows. Here we find operating systems that are worth trying, such as the MX Linux software that could be a key element in our pc.

We are talking about an open source Linux distribution that is based on the popular Debian that is surely familiar to most of you. This distro can now be considered as an interesting alternative to Windows 11, the latest version of the Microsoft system. In fact, the user experience is very similar so that the change or migration to this open source software is not too expensive. In addition, and as usual in these cases, we can download and install this Linux at no cost.

Its developers do not stop improving it over time by launching new versions, having MX Linux 23 at hand right now. If you want to download the most recent iso image of the operating system, you can do it from this link.

Obviously here we find software that little by little receives new functions and improvements in order to attract the largest number of users. Basically we find ourselves with a reliable and very easy to use operating system for stand up to Windows.

Why change Windows for MX Linux

What is interesting about this operating system is not only found in its operation, but even when installing it we realize that it is worth it. For example, now we can use it with partitions and swap files From the beginning. This is an option that we can use by default during the automatic installation process. In turn, here we find a help guide that will be very useful for new Linux users.

When configuring the operation of this operating system, we also have the possibility of creating accounts at the first start after its installation. This allows us to configure each of them much faster. Obviously its user interface is similar to the one found in the latest version of windows so that the migration is more bearable.

Regarding the user interface proposed by its developers, MX Linux offers us the possibility to choose between the main current desktop versions. Here we find Xfce, fluxbox either KDE Plasma. Thus, we will have the possibility of choosing the desktop environment that best suits our needs and tastes. Once started, from the outset, we find a set of applications developed specifically for this distribution.

With this, what is intended is to avoid errors when working with the system on a day-to-day basis. It is also worth noting that we will have a very special way of working with the different accounts once we are registered. The integrated tools called MX Tools are launched with individual policies for each user or account.

For all this and more, we could say that those who want to migrate from Windows to a Linux distribution can try this operating system, they will surely love it.

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