Discover SupRemo, a cheap and simple remote control option

There are many applications for this, but today we have tested Supreme, a program with which we can access different computers remotely simple, easy and accessible to all. With the ID and password that the program provides us, we will already have the ability to access other computers.

What is SupRemo? – Main features

SupRemo is, basically and as you may have guessed from the previous paragraph, a remote control program for your PC. This is characterized by its simplicity and accessibility, since we do not need any advanced configuration related to the router or firewall to access the rest of the computers. With just a few small steps and a click, we will be able to control another computer. Literally, in my case, that I have never used this type of program has been excessively easy to access other equipment and it only took me a few minutes. Among the features that SupRemo hides are the ability to transfer documents from one computer to another in an agile way and allow simultaneous connections to, in this way, control different computers at the same time.

In addition, our files and computers are located completely safe. Data is protected with AES 256-bit encryption. If this seems little to you, I must tell you that user access requires a password that can be kept fixed or that is modified every time we enter the application.

The best thing about this program, along with its simplicity, is that it is totally free for personal use. On the other hand, if it is a company or a self-employed worker, there are very affordable plans compared to the competition. At your disposal you will have a 21-day free trial to decide if SupRemo meets your needs, so do not worry if you make the purchase and it does not convince you at all. Here you will find the information related to the price of the plans that can be annual or quarterly. Having one of these plans will grant different advantages such as, for example, unlimited installations of the application, customization of the program to include your company logo and the Meeting function, with which you will have the ability to transmit your screen to numerous users without giving them control of your device.

The last important feature is that we can find it in a large number of operating systems, thus being a cross-platform remote control program. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS and there are even free and accessible applications for iOS and Android.

How SupRemo works

As we have already mentioned, using this program is really simple. First of all, we have to go to the SupRemo website. Once inside, if we are going to opt for a business plan we will have to register on the web and enter our data. In the event that we intend to use it for professional and / or non-continuous use, we can ignore the above. Next, we go to the top and click on download free. When it is downloaded we will only have to execute it and it will give us two options:

  1. Install it as a service, which implies that it will start automatically when we turn on our computer.
  2. Keep it as executable program, that is, it will only start working when we open the program.

Whatever our decision, after it, we will find ourselves already within the application. Now let’s take a look at the interface.

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 1

As we can see, it is very intuitive, as it locates the main options thus facilitating its use for people who are not familiar with these types of applications, as is my case. Still, it took me no more than 5 minutes to understand how it worked.

On the menu ‘Connection’ it is found indispensable for making a remote connection to another team or receive it. In ‘Contacts’ we will see the devices to which we can have access, these must have been previously registered, but do not worry, a little below we will explain how to enter them.

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 2

‘Tools’, as the name suggests, contains different security settings, options, reports … Here we can configure different options such as a secondary password, select the language, configure proxy options or take a look at ‘Reports’ to obtain information about all the remote connections that we have made. Finally, ‘License’ will be the location to which we will have to go if we have obtained a paid license.

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 3

Now that you know the interface, it’s time to find out how to access another PC remotely. The first thing you should do is go to the ‘Tools’ section. In it you will find a option named as ‘Open Console’ you have to press. All you have to do now is register, which will be a very trivial process. You will only need an email and a password. In a few seconds, you will receive a verification email in your inbox: click on the link and you will be in the contact management platform.

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 4

This will be the screen that you will see when you enter the platform, with the only difference that, if it is the first time you have access to it, it will be completely empty. On your left you will find different tabs with different options, but here we are going to focus on how to remotely access another device. In the Administration tab there are two groups: Groups and Teams. Clicking on the ‘+’ of the Groups panel you can add an element under the name you want. After that, do the same with Teams. The difference is that to add a device you will need the Supremo ID and the password, both appear in the ‘Connection’ menu when you open the application. Enter the device data you want to access and everything will be ready.

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 5

Back in the SupRemo program, go to the ‘Contacts’ tab and log in with the credentials in the SupRemo Console. You should see how the contacts you have entered appear on the platform. You will only have to press ‘Connect’ and you will get remote access to the equipment you have selected.

Remotely control your device

If you’ve followed the steps above you should be able to remotely control the other PC. As you can see, the interface is really simple again. At the top we find a control Panel that we can display or save and in which we will find different options that we will detail below:

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 6

  • File manager: through it we can transfer files from one device to another.
  • Chat: a window will be displayed where we can chat with the person on the other side (if applicable) to facilitate communication.
  • Control: a option series that will allow us to change roles with the other person so that they can control the device, perform a remote restart both basic and in safe mode, among other functionalities.
  • Video: Again some functions will be displayed such as taking a screenshot, changing the view mode, the codec and the video quality, whether or not we want to show the wallpaper …

SupRemo - Simple Remote Control 7

To end the remote connection, just press the ‘Disconnect’ button. As you have seen throughout this analysis, SupRemo is an incredibly simple remote control tool to use. In my case, which, as I have said, I had not had contact with this type of program, I have felt very comfortable using it, since its interface is very intuitive and it is very difficult to get lost. In addition, it presents some very useful functions applicable to all types of cases. If at any time you need to remotely access another device, I would not hesitate to use this application. To download SupRemo for free, click here.

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