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The era of ‘bookgramers’ on Instagram

Bookgramers, what is that? This may be one of the questions that is going through your head right now. The truth is that this term is something that has been coined to some profiles of this social network, in the same way that its predecessors were called long ago: the booktubers.

Perhaps the typical image that goes through your head when you hear about Instagram is that of an influencer showing his life, the trips he makes or his food that seems to be taken from a catalog. But the truth is that social networks are much more than that.

Specifically, within Instagram there are many lovers of reading who like to share the books they have already read or those that they are currently enjoying with other people. Let’s say they are influencers but from the literary sector. These people are what we could define as «bookgramers».

Best accounts for reading lovers on Instagram

Well, now that you know a little more about these literature lovers on Instagram, it’s time to introduce you to their accounts so that you can enjoy their recommendations.

Rachel Brune (@raquelbookish)

The first account we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular in this sector. This is the profile of Rachel Brume, which already has 157 thousand followers in this social network.

Raquel is one of those people who came to Instagram as a means of spreading her “message” by being a booktuber. Through his social networks, he is in charge of showing book recommendations and sharing part of his life surrounded by them. This girl has also published her own junior novel titled Witches and Necromancers: Brotherhood.

Tell me a book (@dimeunlibro)

On the other hand we have the profile of Tell me a book who, weekly, is in charge of recommending titles to his more than 80 thousand followers On Instagram. They also have their own YouTube channel, run book giveaways, and showcase some of the best bookstores from around the world in photos. He has created a very nice community in which everyone shares their opinion about the different books that he is showing on his profile.

Recommender & reading club (@lagenteandaleiendo)

The one in charge of giving life to the account Recommender & reading club is the journalist Maru Drozd. Here they are recommending different types of books with totally different themes, in addition to “bringing” guest readers who show their favorite books through these publications. To join current trends, she also makes Instagram Reels with little short stories. This profile is already followed by more than 75 thousand users in this social network.

Patricia Bejarano (@patriciabema)

The profile of Patricia bejarano Not only is it a good place to find book recommendations, it is also one of the most beautiful in the bookgramer industry. In addition, if you are a lover of collectible figurines, you should know that Patricia shares this hobby and shows it freely through her photos along with books of her more than 50 thousand followers On Instagram.

This may, aesthetically speaking, be the most ‘instagrammable’ account of all. Among his posts, books share the limelight with funkos that have a lot to do with the plot developed in each of them. Focused especially on youth literature, Patricia also has her own YouTube channel as a complement to a profile where she can find the best romantic works.

Bren Zlotolow (@queleoar)

And, very similar to the previous one (although with more color but a little less homogeneity in its feed), we have the account of Bren zlotolow. In it, accompanied on many occasions by a Funko Pop and a cup of coffee, she shares recommendations for books that she has enjoyed. This girl is currently followed by more than 42 thousand lovers of literature On Instagram.

Literary boulevard (@literaryboulevard)

If you want to live a continuous literary swing you should follow the account of literary Boulevard. With the slogan of “a space for letters”, he is in charge of recovering from old gems of literature to finding super interesting recent news with his more than 31 thousand followers.

Xacobe Pato (@xpgigirey)

One of the accounts with the longest shadow of this social network (as far as literature is concerned) is that of Xacobe Pato. Literary lover since he was little, he has been sharing his recommendations through Instagram since 2013. Today he has passed his love of reading to more than 20 thousand people on this social network.

You’re going to read it (@lovasaleer)

Another super interesting account is that of You are going to read it. What we liked the most, and something that is usually very generalized within its audience, are not only its recommendations but the atmosphere it generates to show them through photos on its profile. In addition, he always incorporates a quote in the descriptions of his post that, we do not know very well why, always incites to devour those books. So far this profile is followed 18 thousand people.

Marta (@queridajuliet)

Finally, we want to recommend the account of Martha, also known on Instagram as Dear Juliet. Your account reaches 13 thousand followers currently but, we have no doubt that it will grow a lot thanks to the literary recommendations that it makes through its post. In addition, she does a very beautiful job being a teacher in a primary school where she tries to transmit reading to her students from a young age. It is, without a doubt, one of those profiles that deserves many more followers within this social network.

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