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He password manager It has become an essential tool when it comes to protecting our online accounts. Thanks to it we can use secure and unique passwords for each website where we register with the assurance that no one will be able to steal them. And, in the event that one of them is stolen, they will only be able to enter the affected website. There are open source managers, paid ones, and even web browsers have their own integrated password manager. But we may not be taking advantage of it as well as we should.

Password managers not only allow us to store our passwords in a database, but they also have many other security features that can be useful when it comes to protecting ourselves from hackers. We almost always use these types of programs as mere keystores. However, they have a large number of additional functions that can be very useful if we know how to use them well.

Your password manager tells you secure passwords

Generate a strong password it’s not easy. And remember her much less. It must have between 12 and 15 characters, use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, must be unique (not repeat)… and we must also use a different password on each website that we register. That is why the main password managers have included generators that allow us to easily create random passwords.

keepass interface

Some password managers, such as KeePass, They are going to let us customize how we want the password that we are going to use to be. In this way, we can choose the characters that it will have, their type, their length… everything we can wish for so that our password is as secure and robust as possible.

Other simpler ones, like password manager included in Google Chromethey are only responsible for generating a secure key when we need it, but they do not have customization options for it.

Suggested password Chrome

When we use one of these secure passwords, it is automatically saved in the manager so we don’t have to remember it. When we need it, simply by entering the master password from our password manager, this key will be uploaded directly to the web and we can log in to it.

Other useful features of password managers

In addition to saving our passwords, and as we have just seen, suggesting strong passwords to protect our accounts, these programs can also have other very interesting functions that can help us to better protect our security.

  • security check. It is in charge of periodically checking the security of our passwords and whether they have been leaked on the Deep Web. If this is the case, it will notify us so that we can change it.
  • Double authentication systems. Some managers also allow you to configure 2FA in them to enter our secure password when we are going to log in to the web.
  • Save all kinds of data. We save not only passwords in the program, but also notes and all kinds of additional information.
  • Synchronize passwords. As we are sure that we also log in from the mobile, it is necessary to always have them synchronized.

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