Discover the new beast from be quiet !, 230W TDP and shell type!

With six 6 mm diameter heat pipes distributed in two zones of aluminum fins and dual 135mm Silent Wings fans, this is arguably the best performing clamshell heatsink on the market, at least on paper. All in all, be quiet! has kept the aesthetics latent in all its products, with an elegant design in black and without lighting to continue to denote that they prefer to focus on improving performance than aesthetics.

Dark Rock TF 2, the best overflow heatsink on the market?

The Dark Rock TF 2 initially impresses with its top-flow design with two inverted towers and two 135mm fans. For anyone looking for a top-of-the-range heatsink with this design, this heatsink seeks to meet all the requirements of both compatibility and performance, and is that as we have mentioned before it boasts of being able to dissipate up to 230W of heat, so it will be ideal for servicing the most “greedy” high-end processors from both Intel and AMD.

The dual heat sink design with six high performance copper tubes offers maximum performance even in extreme weather conditions. overclocking and the top-flow design provides ideal cooling not only for the CPU but also for neighboring components such as RAM or VRMs. All in all, the Dark Rock TF 2 is practically inaudible thanks to its two fans Silent Wings 3 135mm diameter, both equipped with a durable fluid dynamic bearing, smooth six-pole motors and nine blades optimized to promote airflow. As a result, these fans result in a low noise level of only 27.1 dBA at full speed. In addition, they have rubber inserts to absorb vibrations and further reduce noise.

Elegant, functional and off-road design

Dark Rock TF 2

With its impressive performance of up to 230W TDP, this heatsink maintains the elegance and functionality that are the hallmark of the brand. The brushed aluminum cover gives it a stylish look while the special black coating with ceramic particles improves heat transfer compared to other less sophisticated coating methods.

Dual heatsink design allows for installation of modules RAM memory up to 49mm tall without problems, while the installation of the heatsink itself is extremely simple thanks to the optimized mounting kit with a fixed mounting bridge. Although the Dark Rock TF 2 includes two fans, users looking for good cooling but for more compact environments can do without the upper fan, reducing the height of the assembly.

be quiet! offers a three-year warranty on this new heatsink that will be available from August 10 with a suggested retail price of 85.90 euros.

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