Disney+ could launch its ad-supported subscription this year. What price should it have?

A few days ago the New York Times published that Netflix could launch its new rate with ads this year. The company has suffered a loss of 200,000 customers, and in the next quarter the figure will reach 2 million lost customers, so the big N has to take a turn. And it seems that Disney+ also wants to launch its ad-supported subscription as soon as possible.

Last March, the entertainment giant announced that they would launch a rate with advertising to offer more options and now it seems that we already know when this new Disney + rate will arrive.

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It will arrive this year, like the subscription with Netflix ads

As you can see in the message posted by the DiscussingFilm portal on its Twitter account, it seems that Disney+ has agreed with Netflix to launch its own ad-supported rate this year.

We are dealing with a rumor, so we have to take the information with a grain of salt, but considering that the source is quite reliable, we can give truth to the possible launch date of this new rate with Disney+ ads.

It should be remembered that the entertainment platform will follow in the footsteps of Netflix as it intends to prohibit sharing accounts with other users outside the home. It seems that this will be the future business model for streaming: cheaper rates, but without being able to share an account (or paying an extra, as in the case of Netflix).

But still, The arrival of the new Disney+ rate with advertising is excellent news. This service is the most complete, with a very attractive offer. It is true that the catalog is much lower than that of Netflix, but the quality is more than guaranteed.

I personally have a Disney+ account for several reasons: on the one hand, being able to access their entire catalog of Disney movies is a lifeline for any parent. But to this we must add its adult catalog, surprisingly wide for a platform like Disney. Having all the seasons of The Simpsons, Family Guy and other iconic series at hand, enjoying the Star Wars saga when I feel like it or new high-quality content like Hawkeye or The Mandalorian make it one of the best VOD platforms in the world. moment, in my opinion.

What price will the rate with Disney + advertising

As we were saying, the Disney+ catalog is more adult than it seems, and a new rate with advertising may be an option to see if you are interested in this VOD platform. Of course, the price should be as tight as possible.

Currently Disney + has a monthly price of 8.99 euros or 89.99 euros per year (you save two months). The price of this subscription with advertising has not been reported, but logically should have a maximum price of 4.99 euros.

A figure tight enough to invite you to test your platform. We have already told you that at the moment the official price is not known, so we are facing mere speculation, but it is most likely that the giant bets on this price.

Now all we can do is wait and ver if finally Disney + launches its new rate with advertising this year and in which markets it will start to be available to find out when it will arrive in Spain and what price it will have in our country.

In the meantime, if you are already a subscriber to this on-demand content platform, we invite you to learn the best tricks to get the most out of Disney+.

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