Disney creates a metaverse in the real world with its residences for fans

We all know how Disney spends it, which does not usually take prisoners when it comes to wrapping us up and isolating ourselves from the real world the moment we visit its parks, where we are trapped in a universe of light and color, and happiness, from which children, young people and adults do not escape. Well, not content with theme parks and let’s cross them, Americans have decided to go one step further in that disney way of life that they like to promote so much.

A Disney metaverse in the real world

Now, we already know that the metaverse thing has become popular in recent months on account of virtual worlds, but what Disney has decided to do is practically the same, only without the need to use a VR headset. And this is because neither short nor lazy, the company has launched extend your entertainment experience to residential communities where fans will be able to experience what their website defines as the Disney touch.

Is about Storyliving, a new leg that grows to the empire of Mickey Mouse and that supposes the entrance of the giant in the business of recreational residences but with a peculiarity: that they will gather around a global experience that includes accommodation, but also all the leisure and recreation alternatives, recreated with that care and detail that Americans tend to show off.

At this time, Disney Storyliving has announced what will be its first residential community for fans, and it will be located in the Coachella Valley of California, specifically in the enclave of Rancho Mirage. There, they will build an entire conglomerate of almost 2,000 homes (between farms and single-family homes) designed with great detail within an environment carefully defined in detail to isolate us from the noise of the real world. That is why we will enjoy pristine streets, vegetation wherever we look, landscaping measured practically to the millimeter and a great oasis (as defined by the company) that will structure the entire conglomerate of the user experience around it.

As you can imagine, we will not only have residences in which to enjoy our leisure hours, and both the services and the beach or the social club will be key to live the experience (360ยบ that is said now) of residing in one of these luxurious environments. All, obviously, without forgetting to maintain a scrupulous program of events aimed at entertaining the whole family, which will include “Disney activities throughout the year”.

Yes, at this time the possible prices that it will have have not been filtered nor the moment in which they will be available to start living inside that idyllic place that, if it were under water, we could fear that it is the Rapture of Bioshock, that perfect society founded by Andrew Ryan that ended up as the Rosary of the Aurora although it is almost certain that in the case of Disney, this initiative will bring many more benefits and plasmids are not needed to be happy or enjoy life. Just spend some (a bit) of money and surrender body and soul to the imagery of the great Walt Disney. The one that has bewitched us over the last 90 years.

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