Disney develops 3D object display technology without glasses for its amusement parks

Never stuck with an idea for its theme parks, Disney has filed a patent to simulate a virtual 3D world without the need for glasses or any other device.

Disney’s theme parks could turn into a real exhibition space for the most advanced technologies! The “Kiwi project” thus brings together engineers and robotics specialists to design animated and autonomous replicas of Disney characters. The presentation last year of a larger-than-life Groot robot caused a sensation!

An augmented reality experience without accessories

But Disney doesn’t want to stop at robots. The entertainment giant is also working on unprecedented augmented reality experiences. In a patent filed by the company, and validated by the US intellectual property office at the end of December, we learn that Disney wants to develop attractions for its theme parks in which users will be able to see 3D objects without the help of accessories to wear on oneself.

The invention revolves around high speed projectors connected to a localization and mapping system. The latter is able to continuously follow a user, in order to calculate his position in space and thus adapt the projected image. And of course, everything must happen in an attraction and for all the participants, so that the illusion is successful for everyone.

In addition to amusement parks, Disney believes that this technology could be useful at home. The user would thus be able to visit a film set, a photography studio and other virtual places, directly at home.

At present, this is only a patent that remains to be developed in real life. But this project is not lacking in interest, it could propel theme parks to a whole new dimension!

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