Disney has signed Gal Gadot for Snow White

There is no doubt that the villains of Disney movies and series have so much charisma that they cannot be played by just anyone. That is why the all-powerful entertainment company has thought of Gal Gadot to play one of its most terrible villains: the evil queen of Snow White.

Even though this remake with live actors is still in its infancy, we already know a few juicy details.

Production would begin in 2022, produced by Marc Platt (La La Land) and directed by Marc Webb, which has to its credit the two Spider-Man films starred by Andrew Garfield.

The signing of Gadot

According to the same information, Rachel Zegler to play Snow White. Zegler reportedly impressed Disney executives with his performance in the remake from West Side Story which will premiere on Christmas 2021.

Therefore, they need an antagonist to match and Deadline exclusively revealed that the evil queen would be none other than Gal Gadot. Negotiations appear to be complete and is a fact confirmed by Gadot herself. Speaking to E! News during a premier from his last movie Red alert (Netflix, 2021), said:

“I’m very, very excited to put on the Evil Queen’s shoes, stand in front of the mirror, and bring that character to life.”

That being the case, it would be a true duel of giants. In favor of Zegler is that the new adaptation of Snow White will have musical numbers, which are being worked with the same managers that had La La Land. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are two Tony Award winners who will continue to tap into Zegler’s musical talents… and Gadot, because he’s not going to be left behind.

Not only is the queen’s magic mirror going to have trouble deciding when asked the famous question from the story, but The Israeli actress has also more than demonstrated her talent for dancing and singing.

What will the remake of Snow White be like?

As for the movie’s plot, we expect little change from the original, knowing that Disney almost always plays it safe.

The Evil Queen, played by Gadot and Snow White’s stepmother, would be jealous of her beauty, so she orders a hunter to take her to the forest and kill her. However, the hunter is unable to do so and tells Snow White to run away and never return. Lost and scared, she will find allies in the forest animals and the famous 7 dwarfs.

The queen’s magic mirror will reveal that Snow White is still alive and Gadot’s character will poison her with an apple. We all know how the story ends, but this one is likely to adapt to the times and change things.

In the 1937 film, the Evil Queen is eliminated when she falls off a cliff. In the original Brothers Grimm tale, the prince in the story forces the Queen to put on red-hot iron shoes and dance until she drops dead. Those were other times without a doubt.

We will see what the final destination awaits Gadot and how Disney updates this tale to modern times.

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