Disney+ is experiencing incredible growth and wants to dethrone Netflix

During the last three months of 2021, Disney+ gained no less than 11.8 million subscribers. Results beyond its expectations, which will allow it to overtake Netflix in 2024?

Launched in November 2019 in the United States, Disney+ promised to establish itself as a monster in the SVOD sector. A platform with global ambitions, which wants to dethrone the current first: Netflix. More than two years after this arrival on North American territory, the offer has been exported to more than sixty countries around the world and has picked up many followers along the way. So much so that the platform exceeded in less than a year of existence a target it had set for 2024, by exceeding 100 million users.

She has just shared her results for the last three months of 2021, again Disney + is exploding records. The platform attracted no less than 11.8 million additional subscribers, 5 million more than analysts’ predictions. This allows it to reach 129.8 million paying users across the globe.

It must be said that this year, Disney + has multiplied the successes. The arrival of the Marvel series has allowed the company to give a boost to its offer, and to settle comfortably against the competition. Wanda Vision has even offered itself the luxury of several Emmy Awards, for its sets and costumes.

Netflix soon to be dethroned

In the field of video on demand, Netflix is ​​a pioneer. Reed Hastings’ company proudly sits at the top position in the world rankings, with no less than 221.84 million users. But its position is no longer so hegemonic, while the platform is closely followed by Disney. Especially since its growth is slowing down, and Disney+ is still only available in 60 countries, compared to 190 for Netflix.

Moreover, the objective of Disney + is clear, to become number one in just two short years. The firm has set itself the objective of exceeding 230 million paying subscribers by this deadline. She even hopes to reach 260 million by then.

After these announcements, the share price increased by 9%. It is now displayed at 156.61 dollars. For its part, Netflix recorded a drop of 1.86%. Now located at 403 dollars at the time of writing, it has been in free fall since the company’s last quarter results announcements.

Increasingly tough competition

2022 promises to be just as eventful, as the platforms will jostle for a place in the spectators’ lounge. Many series are expected, starting with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. She has also just dig up a release date, we should not have to wait very long. On the Marvel side, it’s Moon Knight which will kick off the 2022 edition from next March 30.

Netflix, Amazon and OCS will not admit defeat, however, since they all have very big projects in their drawers. We can mention in particular the long-awaited return of Stranger Thingsor the first season of Sandman on Netflix. Amazon will present its series The Lord of the Rings, next September. On the OCS side, the return of Game Of Thrones with House of the Dragon should also be emulated in France, and elsewhere in the world where it is HBO Max which will broadcast it.

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