Disney+ launches (5/23 to 5/29)

O Disney+ arrived in Brazil in November 2020. As it is a relatively new service, it is still trying to gain its space in the streaming market. However, the company has been doing well, gaining more and more subscribers every month.

This can be mainly attributed to its ever-expanding catalog – and which is updated every week with new movies and series.

This week, for example, the highlight of Disney+ is the premiere of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, a series based on the “Star Wars” universe.


Disney+ may change the release date of some movies and series without notice.

Check out the full list of Disney+ releases of the week


Bikes: An Adventure on Wheels (27/05)

Spokesville is the bike town. Speedy, the protagonist, is a mountain bike that is ready to face the gasoline engine that has arrived in town. Speedy and his friends Pinion, Gassy and Montana will fight the irritating artifact to keep Spokesville clean.

Elcano and Magalhães: The First Around the World (27/05)

A circular journey that ended where it began and that would mark a before and after in the history of humanity. Two navigators left the port of Seville in 1519 with five ships. An epic adventure that would end three years later, confirming that our planet is spherical.


Family Weekend – (Season 1) – (05/25)

Every weekend, Fred takes care of his daughters Clara, Victorie and Romy. Each of them has a different mother that they live with during the week. A new stepmother joins this happy mix when Fred falls madly in love with Emma, ​​a Canadian doctoral student in child psychology.

Minnie Bows: Party Planner – (Season 1) – (05/25)

Come join the celebration as party planners Minnie and Daisy open their own party planning business, Polka Dot Party Palace.

All Equal… SQN – (Season 1) – (05/25)

Carol and her friends prepare for a new year of school, beach and fun in their beloved Rio de Janeiro. But their friendship will be put to the test. Carol will have to face her mother’s marriage, her stepfather as a teacher and her insufferable stepbrother as a classmate. She will also meet her first love and face her friends’ personal problems. But they will face it all together… SQN.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – (Season 1) – Episodes 1 and 2 – (27/05)

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi embarks on a crucial mission. Kenobi must confront allies turned enemies and face the fury of the Empire.


Australia: Wildlife – (05/25)

Australia – kingdom of kangaroos and red rocks, continent of natural wonders. We bring you a glimpse of the country’s wildlife like never before.

On the Edge of Disaster – (05/25)

Eyewitnesses. Fascinating disaster stories told by people who were there.

Behind the scenes of Moon Knight – (05/25)

Join Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke as they reveal how the “Moon Knight” was painstakingly brought to life. Through enlightening interviews with cast and crew, along with immersive footage from the set, “Avante” pulls back the curtain on this groundbreaking series. In addition to all this, the episode brings us a frank and sincere debate with the directors of the series.

Emergency Kitchens – (27/05)

Disney+’s “Emergency Kitchens” features chef José Andrés and the incredible mission and evolution of his non-profit organization, World Central Kitchen, over twelve years.

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