Disney+ launches a subscription with ads and increases the price of its standard offer

Disney+ increases the price of its subscription in the United States. An increase which, no doubt, will be passed on to our side of the Atlantic shortly. Fortunately, Mickey’s house offers a new type of subscription that compensates, in a way, for this bad news.


As advertised, Disney is adding $3 to the price of its standard monthly subscription in the United States. So it goes from $8 to $11, an increase of 37.5% which is likely to make people unhappy. For households that find this new pricing too expensive, Mickey’s house offers to subscribe to a new offer with advertisements, Disney+ Basic, for the price of the old standard subscription, i.e. $8/month. Although they announced this increase for several weeks, the pill remains hard to swallow.

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Available in France since April 7, 2020, Disney+ is accessible at the price of 8.99 euros per month. The new Disney+ Basic subscription will require the viewing ofadvertising inserts lasting from 15 to 30 seconds. Like Netflix’s subscription with ads, the total length of cuts should not exceed 4 minutes per hour. This new measure was taken in a difficult economic context: Disney+ would have lost nearly $4 billion in 2022. The company will lay off employees, and produce less original content.

Disney+ increases the price of its subscription and slows down the production of films and original series

Competition between platforms is fierce, but they are all well aware that gaining subscribers always costs more. It is necessary to find alternative sources of income, even if it means creating new ones. Will the Disney+ Basic subscription meet with the expected success?

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Two things to remember. Unlike Netflix’s “Essential with Ads” subscription, Disney advertising subscribers won’t have to suffer from less definition and they will have access to the company’s entire catalogue. These price changes are currently only applied in the United States, but there is no doubt that prices will rise soon in France and everywhere else.

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