Disney +: new anime in streaming

The Walt Disney Company during theApac Content Showcase this morning, he announced the arrival of many new titles on the Disney + streaming catalog.

These are 20 productions that also include four souls that will debut on the platform globally.

New anime announced on Disney +

Let’s find out, therefore, without delay, the anime coming to Disney Plus.

Black Rock Shooter – Dawn Fall

This is the reboot series of Black ★ Rock Shooter, a famous character who boasts fans all over the world and who over the years has given life to songs, action figures, games and much more.

Summer Time Rendering

Announced three months ago, Summer Time Rendering is the anime adaptation of the manga’s Yasuki Tanaka.

After the death of his parents, Shinpei is welcomed by the Kofune and raised by them as a son. After moving to Tokyo at the end of middle school, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama on Hitogashima Island following the tragic death of Ushio, his adoptive sister and best friend of the boy.

The funeral goes smoothly but, at the end of the funeral, things start to get stranger on the island and Shinpei discovers that Ushio’s death may not have been an accident, but a murder. To all this is added a disturbing legend about the island that begins to surface.

Tatami Time Machine Blues

Sequel to The Tatami Galaxy announced this summer and will be produced by the studio Science Saru.

During a certain summer day, the troublemaker Ozu wets the remote control of the air conditioner of the protagonist’s apartment, damaging it. The students begin to think about how to spend the remaining days of summer and decide to organize themselves with Akashi. However, their plans are disrupted by the appearance of a certain ill-dressed student who has arrived 25 years into the future via a time machine. And so, the protagonist finds himself traveling in time to try to recover the remote control before it is damaged.

Twisted Wonderland

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