Disney Plus: Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

Disney + is a streaming platform that arrived in Latin America two years ago bringing with it a wide catalog of original content, along with other National Geographic productions, Star Wars Marvel, quickly positioning itself as one of the strongest competitors in Mexico.

This platform is available for many devices such as: Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Fire TV, Roku, Android and iOS, therefore depending on the device there are multiple ways to search for content and even highlight favorites. Thinking about it, we leave you some tricks to get more out of the application.

With the first trick, we can save content to view it later, for this, just click on the icon + found on the side of the title. The content will be saved in the watchlist, so that you will also have faster access to everything we save.

Download movies or series

Disney + It has a way to download all the content that is within the platform, this is only available in mobile devices, just press the down arrow to start the download.

Once the movie is downloaded, a button will appear where it will show all the content that we have downloaded, from a movie to a complete series, the limit is set by the storage of our device.

Control downloads

If you want to know more information about what you are downloading, there are several options. While most are done while connecting to a Wifi network, It is also possible to do it using mobile data, to do this, just click on the icon of our user, then click on the section settingOnce inside, it will show us the option to choose if it is through Wifi or Data.

In case you have good available storage capacity and a good, stable internet connection, you can also modify the download quality. Within the section of Configuration selects the type of download, since it usually comes configured with standard (so that it weighs less and downloads it faster), with the option of selecting high quality or even reducing to a lower quality.

Save data

It is also possible to save data when we accidentally browse the application using mobile data in the absence of WI-FI. To prevent this from happening to you, simply modify the connection options and deactivating mobile data, this is done by clicking on the user icon, then in settings, and deactivating the use of mobile data.

Child profile

Create profiles, Disney + offers us the option to create up to 4 different profiles on the same accountWith this, everyone can enjoy its contents separately, with this, it can be saved in favorites independently and everyone will have their personalized profile.

Although, it is true that the vast majority of the content available on Disney + is for children, it is always possible to block certain content that is according to their age, for this it is enough to access the configuration section, select to create a profile for children, and ready!


If you like to modify the subtitles, or want something more personalized, just click on the gear to access the customization menu, with this we can change the font type, size and even the color of the texts.

Filter content

If you want to see specific content, like 4K movies, documentaries or other filters, just enter the movies or series and boxes with the legend will appear Documentary, 4K among others“Once this option is selected, we will be able to have filtered all the movies and series available in this quality.

Disney + specific collection

To be able to access a specific catalog of what Disney has as Star Wars, Nat Geo, among others, just go to the main screen and access the catalog that is already classified.

Dolby Atmos and 5.1

To take advantage of movies, series or documentaries with 5.1 or Dolby Atmos soundJust choose the content, and check its description if it comes in this quality, it even specifies if it is 4K or in what resolution it is.

Extra Content

Many movies and series feature deleted scenes, additional material and others, for this it is enough to place ourselves in the movie or series that we are watching and click on the extra button to view all this added material that normally only came with the DVD or Bluray of it.

Problems with Disney +?

Normally this type of platform does not usually present failures, however, in case you require assistance, Disney can assist you directly on social networks or even by phone so that you can ask them your question or comment on your technical problem.


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