Disney Plus: How to download the app for Android and IPhone step by step?

Disney Plus is one of the most widely used streaming services today, which continues to increase its offer every day, from the implementation of movies in IMAX format, to others that have support for Dolby Atmos, always seeking to optimize the user experience.

This streaming service is compatible with a large number of devices, in the case of Android they are all those that have Android 5.0, while in they are all those that integrate iOS 12.0 and later versions. Here we explain, step by step, how to install Disney Plus on these systems.

How to install Disney Plus on Android?

To obtain Disney Plus on Android, the first step is to go to the application store, Play Store and then look for Disney +, in some devices it is important to put the “+” sign because it may not find the App

Subsequently, you have to click on “install”, once it is installed we can run it, it will ask us for our access credentials, with this we will have installed Disney +.

How to install Disney Plus on iOS?

In the case of iOS it is in a very similar way, just search the App Store. Search Disney + and install, on some devices it may ask for the device password, this is done to confirm that the device is yours and that you are about to download the application.

Once the application is installed, just enter the credentials and we can access the complete Disney + catalog

What’s in the app?

On Disney + there is all the content of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and Disney classics, among the available categories we have the following:

  • Disney Junior Series
  • Collections
  • Musicals
  • Short
  • Comedies
  • Mickey
  • Regards

Among others, the application always learns the content you like and makes recommendations and even places new content every week, from the exclusive Marvel series to the new Star Wars, in case you do not have a compatible device, there is also the Web version for Windows and even for other systems like Apple TV, Roku and even Android TV.


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