Disney Plus: How to get two FREE months of streaming service?

The video streaming service Disney plus It has quickly become the favorite of many people, thanks to which it has the entire classic catalog of the company, in addition to other extras such as Marvel, Star wars and also National Geographic, which is why many people seek to obtain their membership at the best price.

Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus may not have a price adjustment for 2022, although at the time of writing this note there are no official, active promotions to obtain said subscription at a lower price. However, there is a “trick” that you can take advantage of to get two months “free”, here’s how to do it.

How to get two months free?

Disney plus has a monthly cost of $ 159 Mexican pesos, with this it offers us access to all the content available in its catalog, among which original productions stand out along with Marvel content, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, among others.

However, if we contract the subscription for a year, and pay in advance, the cost of the service remains at $ 1,599 Mexican pesos, which represents a savings of $ 309, in comparison with the monthly payment that gives a total of $ 1908 Mexican pesos for 12 months, individual. In other words, this price is equivalent to two monthly service payments that you would not pay.

Another benefit of being able to pay it annually is that if at some point in the year that it is contracted the price rises, the user will not have to pay the extra.

In the case of Star plus, it has a cost of 199 pesos per month, individual service, or the two platforms, Disney Plus and Star Plus, for $ 2,998 Mexican pesos, both for a whole year, which also represents savings per hour. to contract said services.

It has also been announced that the most recent of Marvel as Eternals in early 2022, among other novelties that Pixar and Disney will present soon.


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