Disney signs up for NFTs: we reveal their prices and how to buy them

A company like Disney, which makes millions every year with its merchandising it cannot be left out of the NFT fashion bandwagon. This Friday is a date marked on the Disney calendar, and to celebrate it, the brand is launching batches of collectible products from its most admired franchises.

Disney’s NFTs are already a reality

East Friday, November 12 the first Disney + Day. On the occasion of this very special event, the company is launching its first set of digital collectibles with limited edition. It will do so through VeVe, a marketplace of NFTs that has the exclusivity for the moment of the collectibles of the Mickey Mouse brand.

These collectibles are called Disney Golden Moments. Every day from November 7 to 12 they will be launching batches through the VeVe shop, which can be easily accessed through your apps on iOS or Android.

What’s so special about Disney Golden Moments?

Part of the “grace” of these boxes with Disney Golden Moments the thing is they are secret. We will not know the contents of their interior until we proceed to open them. Inside we can find figures of Disney characters, some of their accessories or even 3D recreations of their vehicles, houses or emblematic places, their universes.


At the moment, VeVe has confirmed that this week NFT products related to Marvel, Pixar, Star wars, The Simpsons and Walt Disney Animation Studios. All the three-dimensional figures that belong to this collection are modeled in golden tones.

Price and circulation

All products that have been launched since Sunday are worth $ 60. Each edition has a total of 12,333 units and they are available globally, so there is no regional restriction to access these NFTs.

There is one more attribute that is noteworthy. Each of the elements has a variable called “Rarity”. Products with common rarity can be seen in most of the leaked catches, but it is possible that within these large batches there are exclusive figures of which there are only a few few units in total and they will be delivered randomly.

Exchanges with other users

And what happens if we get a figure of Elsa from Frozen but we wanted something related to Spiderman? Well, luckily, our NFT can be exchanged with other users, just as we can sell it to get our money back or even earn a margin within a while. However, the platform does not seek to be a nest of speculation, although that will end up being decided by users.

Can these NFTs be “played”?

The whole world of NFTs can seem quite confusing, which makes sense when it comes to such recent technology. You are surely wondering about the utility of these collectibles, beyond that they cannot be filled with dust or take up shelf space at home.

The VeVe platform allows interact with our figures. According to their website, we can place them in virtual rooms where we can recreate scenes, personalize them and make unique captures to share on our social networks.

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