Disney+ tests live broadcasts

Since its launch, Disney+ has not had it easysince it faces other fairly consolidated services, such as Netflix or HBO, and although it has some undoubtedly very successful franchises (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc.) added to its own productions, the truth is that its offer is not the most varied on the market, so it is possible, after a few months subscribing to the service, to have the feeling that one has already seen everything it has to offer.

This problem is compounded by the interest of the studios in having their own platforms or, in the worst case, reaching especially luscious agreements with the existing ones. Note that at this point Disney + has already played the opposite role, by withdrawing many of its productions from other platforms, mainly from Netflix, which lost, for example, a good handful of Marvel titles. It is these types of movements, for their part, that have prompted the platforms to bet more on their own production.

Be that as it may, and although the arrival of Star to Disney + was a significant improvement, today it still seems difficult for the service to compete, in terms of content, with some of its main rivals and, consequently, its executives must have been thinking about alternatives for some time. And now it is possible that they have touched a key that, if managed properly, can make an important difference: the direct ones.

Disney+ tests live broadcasts

But no, I’m not talking about Disney+ considering competing with Twitch and similar services. No, what I am referring to is the broadcasting, live, of events that may be of interest to your subscribers. And as we can read today on Yahoo! Finance, Disney + has carried out a test in this regard by broadcasting, live, the announcement event of the films nominated for the Oscars 2022.

The broadcast has been available to Disney+ users in the United States, and it has been uneventful and smooth. However, in this regard it is important to note that Disney+ was not the only platform that has broadcast it, as have Hulu, Good Morning America, ABC News Live (which is also owned by the Disney group, and which will be responsible for the broadcast of the Oscars in the United States this year) and the Oscars website. In this way, the service has been able to carry out a test that is not too demanding for its infrastructure.

After transmission, the company has confirmed that they will carry out more tests of this type in the futurewhich tells us that the feedback obtained by today’s direct must have been positive, and that this is probably one of the bets by Disney + for its immediate future.

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