Disney +: the cheaper formula is becoming clearer, the youngest will escape advertising

Disney will soon launch a low-cost version of its streaming service, which will notably display advertisements in return. As the firm with the big ears has just specified, these ads should not offend the sensibilities of children and preserve the “family” brand image of the platform. In addition, the youngest will be able to escape the advertisements.

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With its 138 million subscribers on the counter, Disney+ is doing well, very well even. Slowly but surely, the platform is catching up with its main competitor, namely Netflix and its 221 million users. Figures that sound like a warning at Netflix, which is currently going through a difficult period marked by the loss of 200,000 subscribers.

Despite this good performance, Disney+ intends to go further by diversifying its offer. Indeed, the firm with big ears wants to launch a cheaper formula of Disney + with advertisements included. This formula, with which Disney hopes to grow its subscriber base, will be launched in the United States by the end of 2022. No date announced for France at the time of writing these lines.

In addition, no information regarding prices has been communicated for the moment. On the other hand, Disney has just given some details on the advertisements that will be broadcast via this formula. According to the company, this new subscription will have to “preserve the family image” of the platform. What does that mean ?

Ads about alcohol or politics will be prohibited

As Disney specified on Tuesday, May 16, 2022, no advertising relating to certain themes such as alcohol, politics or firearms will only be visible on the service. In addition, preschool children (between 0 and 3 years old) will be able to escape advertisements, provided that parents have defined age profiles for their children through parental controls.

According to the company, Disney+ subscriptions to this formula will broadcast an average of four minutes of ads per hour. This is less than the average length occupied by ads on American TV, and it remains competitive with the “advertising load” imposed by HBO Max, one of the platform’s main competitors. As a reminder, Disney+ could also take action soon against account sharing, like Netflix.

Source : CNET

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